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What Is a Mohair Suit? How to Choose It Correctly and What to Look For!

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Wool mohair suit is the main attribute of all men who understand fashion. Such suits were preferred by all the famous James Bond and Sean Connery, after which these suits became even more popular. Are they relevant now? Today we decided to tell you more about what is mohair, compare it with other types of fabrics for men’s suits, and also help you find the perfect mohair suit for yourself.

What Is a Mohair Suit?

Mohair is a natural fiber made from goat hair. A distinctive feature from all fabrics made of the same material is that it is obtained only in the first 3 haircuts of a goat when the hair is still as soft as possible. The fleece of Angora goats is most often white, uniform, with a lurex sheen. Mohair composition: transitional hair (actually mohair) and short awn (Kempa), which is usually removed.

Mohair wool with other fabrics in the products, or would give a light shine on its own, which can be said to be similar to silk. Products made from this material are popular all year round: in winter it warms up perfectly and doesn’t allow body heat to go outside, and in summer, the thin fabric allows the body to cool down thanks to its absorbent capabilities. So you don’t have to worry “is mohair warm” if you choose any product for the winter from this material. She was selected specifically for the manufacture of clothes, since the material is resistant to wrinkles, and also perfectly absorbs any colors, which prevents the possibility of fading during washing.

Is mohair soft? The coat itself is very soft and pleasant to the body. That is why sweaters, toys, and light everyday clothes are made from it. But at the same time, products such as coats and suits would be quite dense, because mohair fabric for these items of clothing is made a little differently than sweaters. It is thanks to this opportunity that what is mohair used for a wide variety of items of clothing and textiles more and more often.

Mohair is typically used in sweaters, coats, suits, smart and casual clothes, toys, bedspreads, rugs, rugs, upholstery, and even socks. The fabric is appreciated not only for high-class men’s suits but also for women’s mohair dresses, as they are ideal for looking feminine even in winter.

By the way, mohair suits in the 1960s were often worn by high-status men, as well as by celebrities and other wealthy personalities. This is because at that time the material was highly valued and was considered a luxury and expensive pleasure. But is mohair expensive now? Considering that the number of factories for the production of mohair products has become much more extensive than about a century ago, then, of course, the price of suits has become lower, but it is still considered a little more expensive than ordinary suit fabric.

What Is Mohair Made Of?

what is mohair

Mohair is made from the wool of goats that originally lived in Angora, the Turkish province. Their wool was so highly valued that the Turkish sultan had to prohibit the export of not only wool but also the goats themselves.

Only after 1820 did European conquerors gain access to this softest and finest wool and unique animals. Gradually, Angora goats settled in South Africa and Texas, where the climate is similar to that of Turkey. Today goat hair fabrics are highly prized, luxurious natural fibers.

Mohair vs Cashmere

Cashmere yarn is made of very thin, delicate, and light high mountain goat down. Cashmere products are also very lightweight, almost weightless. At the same time, a cashmere sweater or cardigan warms up no worse than clothes made of thick sheep or merino wool. With proper care, cashmere products can last for years.

Mohair has a thicker yarn. Although it is made from the same material, wool from the undercoat is also added during manufacture, which makes the fibers of the mohair material denser.

Cashmere Suit vs Wool Suit

It would be difficult to explain the difference here because it is worth seeing. The difference in cashmere and mohair suits would be much clearer if you touch them at the same time. Both of them would be warm and pleasant to the body, there are many colors and styles. The only difference may be the price, although the cost for suits that are almost the same in style would also be almost the same. So everything would depend on your preferences and how you would feel in one suit or another.

Mohair vs Angora

Yarn is made from angora rabbit fluff (many people confuse that mohair is also made from angora rabbit, but as we said, this is goat’s wool). Soft, very fluffy, with a long delicate bristle, it lends itself well to staining. 100% Angora is very rare, it is usually used in mixes with other natural materials. This prevents the appearance of scuffs typical for angora.

Their obvious difference from wool mohair fabric is precisely the material of production, and the finished fabrics have slightly different textures and applications. Therefore, if you value more durability and bright colors in clothes, then, of course, mohair would be the best in the angora vs mohair duel.

Silk Suit vs Wool Suit

Here the difference would be greater, although, as we have already said, the materials are often compared. But this is only because of the slight sheen that is present in products made from these materials, but in all other respects, they are completely different. Silk items would wrinkle very much, and the fabric isn’t so dense and cold, which is more suitable for warmer seasons. Choosing mohair, you don’t have to worry that sitting in the car or at the table, your mohair blazer would have pronounced folds, and in the case of the silk version, you need to be extremely careful.

But if you want to look presentable in winter, wearing a silk suit, then we recommend throwing a mohair coat men’s on top. This way you won’t freeze and look stunning.

Wool vs Mohair

Sheep wool linen is hygroscopic and keeps warm well. It is typically very rough and prickly to the body, which is why it is often used to make outerwear. But still, wool is also used for very warm winter clothes.

We believe that mohair wool blend would be best since, given the lightness of mohair with the addition of warmth from regular wool, a coat made from this mixture would be much denser and warmer (but at the same time it won’t lose its lightness from mohair) than just mohair coat, right?

How to Choose a Mohair Fabric Suit?

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Choosing a man’s suit, you need to decide on the model, style, and only then proceed to the choice of colors. Slimmer men can afford fitted suits that perfectly emphasize their figure and masculinity. For overweight men, it is better to give preference to the classic straight cut or looser ones. Traditionally, men select darker and deeper colors: black, blue, gray. They go well with any shade of shirts and are perfect for almost any event. It should be noted that young men choose lighter colors: blue, beige.

When trying on a jacket, pay attention to the fact that it fits your shoulders, no folds or wrinkles should form on the back. The collar hugs the neck but doesn’t cut into it. The length of the sleeve, as a rule, is to the base of the hand, while the sleeve of the shirt should be one centimeter longer. The jacket doesn’t hinder movement and fits well on the figure. It’s good to try on a suit on a shirt, then you can see the whole image at once. When trying on trousers, please note that the length must be suitable for your height. They shouldn’t be tight or hinder your movements. The classic 70s mohair suit would never go out of style and would always be appropriate for holidays, parties, in the office, or even a wedding if you are the groom. A solid and laconic suit can be perfectly combined with a white or cream shirt, as well as a bright tie that would give your look a zest. By the way, if you want to look even cooler, don’t forget about the vest.

If you are planning a very large and fashionable event, then you need a mohair tuxedo, especially in black. It was the favorite of James Bond, who always wore it. We think you would also like such a strict and elegant image when you try it on.

Many men now like to combine jackets and trousers with different colors or wear jeans under a classic jacket. It looks incredibly stylish and is perfect for social gatherings, dates, receptions, and celebrations. Try pairing a light mohair jacket men’s with dark trousers or jeans. If you still want to warm up, then instead of a shirt you can choose a turtleneck for yourself, it would look no less cool and restrained. We are sure this combination would look cool and very interesting if you already want to add something new instead of a casual suit.

Now you know exactly everything about how is mohair made, where it is used and whether it is worth taking it at all. Surely this information would help you if you are looking for an excellent suit for all occasions. We recommend that you try on as many styles and different colors as possible because they all look incredible on any man. What would your ideal mohair suiting fabric look like for you?

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