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What Is Movado Watch? All about Watchmaker, the Brand and the Best Models

What Is a Movado Watch

If you want to wear quality and beautiful watches, it may be difficult for you to choose among the many great brands. But today we want to tell you about the Movado watch company because they can be considered the best. We think that after reading the article, you will as well. So let’s find out more about the Movado watch brand, help distinguish it from a fake, and compare it with a similar watch brand.

Movado Watch History

Movado Watch History

And so, let’s start to find out what Movado is. The name of the Movado brand translates as “always in motion”. Movado history is the brightest and most reliable illustration of a bold name once chosen: it was calculated that, on average, for 100 years of its existence, the company received 100 patents for technical and design developments – a record figure!

It all began with the emergence of the production Movado watch in 1881 in a small watch manufacture in the town of La Chaux-de-Faux, owned by the nineteen-year-old Ashil Dietesheim. At first, only 7 people worked at his enterprise (together with the owner), but after a few years their efforts were rewarded: the young manufactory received several first-class certificates and a silver medal at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900.

In the years that followed, discoveries and advances followed one another: Movado patented a unique technical innovation, embodied in the Polyplan watch, whose case follows the anatomical curve of the hand. The next medal of the Paris exhibition was awarded to the company for a pocket watch designed for the exhibition “decorative arts”, later this model was improved so that the watch mechanism was wound when opening/closing the case lids. To this day, Movado has never ceased to delight its fans with new inventions.

In 1947, artist Nathan George Horwitt developed a design that remains the company’s signature style today. Of course, we are talking about the Movado Museum and watch history, and the famous gold mark at 12 o’clock, which symbolizes the Sun at its zenith. Nothing superfluous, nothing ordinary – only the eternal luminary and its incessant movement. Here, the brand’s philosophy received perhaps its most laconic and expressive interpretation. The corporate design is popular and recognizable all over the world, and moreover, today the Museum watches are part of the exposition of the largest museums in the world, in particular, the New York Museum of Modern Art. The Movado Museum watch model hasn’t lost its relevance, and today it is the basis of the modern catalog of wristwatches.

Perhaps you are interested in who makes Movado watches now? They also continue to be made in Switzerland, as they were decades ago. It is here that special manufacturing technology is preserved, which no one else uses.

Is Movado a Good Watch Brand?

is Movado a Good Watch Brand

If you are still not sure if Movado watches are worth it, then you should just take a look at them.

They look incredibly stylish, don’t they? Now combine the picture with perfect work and quality materials. You can also be knocked down by their high cost, but we think that for that kind of money you cannot find a better watch. The brand has many models, so you can pick up the coolest ones. For example, Movado face watches (they are shown in the first picture) would certainly be liked by many. If you like something more unusual, then the second Movado curved watch model would also suit your liking.

How to Tell If a Movado Watch Is Real?

How to Tell If a Movado Watch Is Real

Often in browser ads, you can see an offer to buy a watch at a “special” price. The market for fake Swiss watches is huge and developed all over the world. About 5% of owners of luxury watches wear fakes and don’t even know about it. Here’s what you need to know about Movado watches to distinguish them from fakes:

  • Back cover: it is the reverse side of the watch that experts pay attention to in the first place. This is the part where counterfeiters often get it wrong. Carefully compare the back cover with the original or a true photograph.
  • Package contents: genuine Movado wristwatches are always packed with high quality – the packaging has an elegant design and is made of expensive materials: morocco, moire, gold stamping. The manufacturer’s details should be printed on the bottom of the box. This Swiss watch comes with a certificate or passport. It must indicate the individual product number, place, and date of sale with a seal. If the number isn’t specified, the watch is fake. If there is no seal, it is stolen or sold illegally. If there is no passport, there is a high probability of both the first and the second.
  • Marking: first, you need to know where Movado watches are made. They are produced in Switzerland. If you read “Made in…” on your watch, this is a fake. Genuine Swiss watches bear the “Swiss Made” or “Swiss quartz” mark, which implies that both the watch and its movement were manufactured and assembled in Switzerland and passed quality assurance tests. If the bracelet is labeled with the inscription, it means that it is made in Switzerland, but the bracelet marking doesn’t apply to the watch. Movado “Swiss movement” means the movement is assembled and tested in Switzerland, but the case and final assembly may be of a different origin. The watch markings can be translated into other languages, but in this case, they must correspond to the data specified in the certificate.
  • Weight: genuine watches have a significant weight, while counterfeit ones can be light due to the “lightweight” mechanism. Often, counterfeiters insert a quartz movement into their watches. If watches have complications or additional functions, they may not work completely or partially in fakes.
  • Seconds hand: a visual way to identify a quartz movement. The hand of a mechanical watch moves smoothly (except for watches with the dead-beatseconds function), of a quartz watch – in jerks from division to division.
  • Glass: Should fit perfectly to the body. Look at the clock from the side, and if one edge of the glass turns out to be even a couple of millimeters higher than the other, you are in front of a fake. Place a few drops of water on the glass. If this is a real sapphire crystal, as it should be in the original, then the drops would quickly gather into one, and if not, they would spread to the sides.
  • Date window: the number in the window should be clearly in the center, the distances from it to the edges of the window above and below should be the same. The window shouldn’t be deep so that the number can be clearly seen when the watch is tilted.
  • Crown: Fake watches are often made more crudely. In fakes, such a ring is often absent, and where it is, it is non-functional. Pay particular attention to the circles on the teeth of the crown.

Bulova VS Movado

Bulova VS Movado

And so, all the main statements about Movado watches, now let’s talk about the Bulova brand. The brand was founded in 1875 by Joseph Bulova. From then until now they have been producing excellent products. Since 2007, they began to be produced already from the manufacturer Citizen, who bought the company out. They were most popular in America, given the special marketing style and the watch itself.

Unfortunately, the brand, like Movado, has weakened significantly in the modern market. But they can be considered exclusive since they have traditional methods of manufacturing their products, which distinguishes them from their modern counterparts.

It is clear that they differ from Movado-style watches, but still, their quality is also significantly different. All this is related to production technology and materials. Considering the features that we told you about, we still consider Movado to be the best, at least if you choose two of them. We think that now you absolutely understand what a Movado watch is and why they are so highly valued in the watch market. Yes, they aren’t cheap at all. But here you can be one hundred percent sure that they will work for a very long time. So feel free to choose the coolest model in your opinion and buy it!

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