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Movies about Survival That You Must Watch!

In this article, we have prepared for you a selection of the best survival movies. Get pleasure reading it! Movies about survival are Interesting stories in dramas, thrillers, and horror stories about extreme situations and how to deal with them are great therapy for couch melancholy.

Since time immemorial, man has fought for survival. Once on an equal footing with other living beings inhabiting our planet, later, having already subjugated the representatives of the fauna, with natural elements and cataclysms. But even in our time, when distances are no longer critical, and help can be called by pressing a couple of buttons, people often find themselves in situations where they literally have to fight for their lives. Such stories have always attracted creative people, books have been written about them, songs have been composed, they have been captured on canvases. Cinema also did not stand aside and the survivalist movie appeared.

So, Here Is a Top Survival Movie

And starts our list really interesting survival movie that is called

“127 hours” (2010)

best survival movies

A movie about survival directed by British director Danny Boyle. It tells the true story of climber Aaron Ralston, who was forced to spend six days in a mountain crevice, trying to free his hand gripped by a huge stone. To save himself, he had to amputate his own hand. The main role in the film was played by James Franco, who was nominated for an Oscar. In total, the tape nominated six Academy Awards and other prestigious awards. She also proved to be very successful at the box office.

“Shallow” (2016) is also one of the good survival movies

movies about survival

There are many films about the confrontation between man and shark, but not all of them were shot by Blake Lively. Therefore, the picture that Jaume Collet-Serra shot is certainly worthy of mentsion on this list. In the story, a beautiful surfer is cut off from the saving land by a great white shark patrolling the coastal waters. The heroine will have to demonstrate to the audience not only her excellent physical shape, but also her admirable survival skills and, in general, her love of life. Well, the $ 120 million at the box office is proof that all the efforts were not in vain.

“The day after tomorrow” (2004)

the survivalist movie

Imagine that our planet is slowly but surely moving towards a global catastrophe: the elements are wiping out entire cities from the face of the earth. An experienced climatologist predicts that a new ice age will soon begin in the world, but no one believes him. But suddenly everything begins to change dramatically – hail is killing people in China, and an unprecedented snowfall falls on India.

“Frozen” (2010)

survival movies on netflix

Going to ski on a remote ski slope? Maybe you shouldn’t do this after all? If the lift stops, then you will have certain difficulties. The heroes of this film were forgotten on the lift, which only works on weekends. To survive, they have to make an important decision – to jump down from a great height or freeze and wait for salvation?

“Adrift” (2018)

wilderness survival movies

Tami and Richard embark on a perilous sailing adventure across the Pacific Ocean. Young people who decided to get married planned to go from Tahiti to the coast of California, but were caught in a terrible storm. The boat capsized. When the ocean calmed down, Tami noticed a badly wounded Richard in the water. There was nowhere to wait for help – the radio did not work, so the girl decided to sail on her own in the direction of Hawaii.

If you like Netflix, you can watch such survival movies on Netflix, and here is the list of best survival movies on Netflix:

“Survive” (2020)

survival movie

Young slacker Oh Jong-woo was about to spend another day as usual – playing video games, but suddenly a zombie virus infection breaks out in Seoul. While the epidemic is gaining momentum, and neighbors in a small residential complex are rushing about in panic, spreading the infection, the guy manages to barricade himself in his apartment. After a while, John-woo will notice that a girl is hiding in the house opposite, just like him.


new survivalist sho

 The film tells the real story of the American athlete Louis Zamperini, who took part in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. He did not win the final race but won the favor of Hitler, who invited him to his box. It was assumed that Zamperini will take part in the next Olympic Games, but due to the outbreak of World War II, he was forced to go to the front. His plane crashed over the Pacific Ocean, after which Zamperini, along with two colleagues, spent 47 days drifting on a raft, and was captured by the Japanese, where he was subjected to bullying and torture.

“Apollo 13”

top survival movies

A film about the unsuccessful lunar mission “Apollo 13” – one of the most dramatic moments of space exploration. In 1970, Apollo 13 was to become the third spacecraft to take astronauts to the moon. However, already on the approach to the target, a serious accident occurred on the ship, which not only put an end to the landing but also posed a threat to the life of the crew.

In the world, there are a lot of wilderness survival movies that can be interesting for you also.

And we suppose you to watch one breathtaking film which refers to the best wilderness survival movies:

 “Revenge” (2017)

Revenge film

Young girl, Jennifer goes on vacation in a secluded house in the middle of the desert with her rich and married boyfriend Richard. The next day, their romantic idyll is suddenly interrupted by Richard’s friends. Stan and Dmitry know very well that Richard is married, they shouldn’t have crossed paths with Jennifer but decided to come earlier. However, the girl feels very relaxed in male society and openly flirts with new acquaintances, which soon leads to very sad consequences. After becoming a victim of violence, Jennifer asks Richard to send her home and punish Stan. But Richard decides to settle things his own way and pushes his recent beloved off the cliff.

If you like horror we have prepared for you this film which refers to survival horror movies

“Platform” (2020)

survival movies

The Spanish thriller Platform, directed by Halder Gastelu-Urrutia, has been released on Netflix. His heroes are in a tower-like multi-story prison. Once a day, a platform with food is lowered down the well in the center of the building. There might be enough food for all the prisoners, but the prisoners on the lower floors starve to death or become cannibals while those at the top feast.

New Survivalist Show:

The American reality show “American Tarzan” aired on Discovery Channel in 2016.  Seven members of the show fight for the title of Tarzan, overcoming obstacles created by wildlife on the island of Dominica.  There were times when people lived in an unfriendly world of wild nature and fought for their existence every day. 

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