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World’s Greatest Beards — Top 3 Beard Myths, the Complete Guide

national beard day

World Beard Day is an annual celebration that has been held on the first Saturday in September since 2010. The exact origin of the holiday is unclear, but that does not stop bearded people around the world from celebrating it with numerous festive events.

October 18 is National Beardless Day in the USA. Recently, there has been a strong movement towards returning to the days when the beard was considered a powerful manifestation of masculinity. The story goes that men with facial hair have various attributes such as higher status, wisdom, sexual masculinity, charisma.

To counter this, No Beard Day convinces men to grab a razor and return to smooth baby skin. Beardless Day supporters believe that a clean face is a beautiful face.

The beard has been a symbol of masculinity since time immemorial, short-cropped, long and properly groomed, even wild, fluffy, and shaggy, the beard has its own status. It personifies many male virtues, including wisdom, strength, high social status, and even sexuality, especially in military cultures.

International beard day aims to unite people with beards from all continents and countries. The focus is on promoting and enhancing the global status of the beard as a universal symbol of masculinity. On this day, bearded men usually get together for fun activities.

World Greatest Beards Celebration History

World Greatest Beards Celebration History

The origins of beard day have been lost to history, which is not surprising given that there is evidence that Danish Vikings have celebrated a day in honor of their beard since 800 AD. During those August days, there was no particular beard day, but numerous celebrations were held throughout the region. Some holidays were even a little crazy.

  • Take, for example, Sweden’s Dönskborg, where all those without a beard are expelled from the city to spend day and night in the nearby forest. In the city, their shamelessly clean faces are burned in Scarecrow by those who sport amazing, epic beards. In southern Spain, there is a tradition where a bearded man and a beardless boy participate in a boxing match if you can call it a boxing match when a man is armed with a sharp lance. Regardless of where you are, shaving your beard on the day is considered one of the worst possible acts of disrespect.

Several famous and fabulous beards have come to mind over the centuries. Romantics can quote the bard when they are reminded of Van Dyck’s Shakespearean style.

  • Another commemorative speaker with a historically recognizable beard, Abraham Lincoln, followed the advice of a young admirer. In a letter to the Republican candidate in 1860, Grace Bedell suggested that if he “let go of his beard,” he could get more votes. Lincoln didn’t shave for a month before heading to the White House.
  • If we talk about epic beards, then the record for the longest beard in history belongs to Hans Langset. Originally from Norway, Langset emigrated to the United States. According to the Guinness Book of Records, at the time of his death in 1927, Langset’s beard was 5 meters 30 centimeters (17 feet 6 inches) long.

How Is World Beard Day Celebrated?

How Is World Beard Day Celebrated?

Whether sloppy or meticulously groomed, all these bearded people are celebrating this day. Happy beard day encourages competition between beards. For those who don’t have beards, well, be prepared to pamper those who do.

Every year, people gather in different places around the world to flaunt their iconic beards. World Beard Day activities may include but are not limited to parties, barbecues, team, and individual sports, games (be it drinking games, card games, board games, or role-playing games), and singing. In many countries and cities, some customs are specific to a particular region.

Beardless family members can show their support by freeing bearded family members from household chores and allowing them to relax, cook something tasty for them, etc. Even if you dislike beards and prefer to be clean-shaven, it is highly recommended refraining from shaving as shaving during this holiday, is considered extremely disrespectful to the event.

When Is National Beard Day?

Every year, bearded men in all parts of the world celebrate World Beard Day, which takes place on the first Saturday in September. On this day, bearded men around the world try to get into the lens more often, and the media try to recall the most important events from the world of beards that have occurred over the course of the year.

There are a lot of ways to spend this holiday cheerfully. Australian bearded men, for example, compete in ax throwing on this day. And their compatriots from the musical group The Beards are trying to record a new album or at least upload a new video for the day of the beard.

Perhaps the main tradition is competition in building living pyramids. Every year, the bearded men try to build the highest one. In 2015, 29 bearded men from the United States built a five-level pyramid with their own bodies. The previous record was a pyramid of 22 bearded men.

How to Spend This Day?

There are also less active ways to spend this day. Someone just uploads a selfie on Instagram to once again show the world their vegetation. At the same time, you can try to somehow decorate the holiday beards.

In order not to celebrate this day alone, you can try to find yourself a company.

Of course, the easiest thing to do on this day is to just stop shaving if possible. In our latitudes, this allows just to release the beard by the first frost. It’s also a good day to remember the upcoming No-shave November, an upcoming month-long beard celebration.

Beard Myths

Beard Myths

The beard has long been overgrown with myths passed by word of mouth. At the same time, as a rule, each man also adds something from himself, embellishes and frightens. Therefore, there are many misconceptions about the growth of hair on the lower part of a man’s face. Some of them are quite reasonable. And some are absurd and completely ridiculous. A number of misconceptions can be easily refuted.

Top 3 Myths

  • In the warm season, it is hot and uncomfortable with a beard. Not at all! Quite the contrary: the beard acts as a “vaporizer” that enhances cooling and removes excess heat from the skin.
  • In order to stimulate beard growth, you need to shave more often. Oh, this is perhaps the most common misconception. This is probably due to the fact that immediately after shaving, the hairs look thicker and slightly darker. The beard may appear to grow densely and evenly. This rule hardly applies to boys during puberty. At this time, their body becomes more and more masculine, which means that the beard gradually begins to grow better.
  • Only dark beards look attractive. Men with blond, gray, or red hair have tremendous potential for an attractive beard. However, light stubble takes a little more length and time to look like a beard.

Now you know everything you need to know about national beard day. See you soon!

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