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International Gin and Tonic Day 2021: When to Celebrate This Special Day?

International Gin and Tonic Day 2021

Tell us, how many connoisseurs of classic cocktails like gin and tonic are among you? We think pretty much everyone who reads this, and you surely wish there was a gin and tonic day. Rejoice, it really is, and will come very soon, but when exactly and how to celebrate it? Let us tell you about this today and give you some more interesting information.

When Is National Gin Day?

Gin and tonic is a fairly simple cocktail, but despite this, it is one of the most popular drinks among countries on all continents. Many real fans love to enjoy a drink with a good cigar, calm jazz music, and be in good company. All this certainly makes the drink more special and tasty (yes, a cigar can add a special flavor to the drink). The day of this alcoholic drink is October 19th. It began to be celebrated not so long ago.

National gin and tonic Day even has its little history. Girlfriend Mary Edith Cayburn somehow ended up in the hospital, and despite this, she asked her family and friends to bring her a gin and tonic. Yes, she loved him so much that even in the hospital, she didn’t want to leave herself without this pleasure.

They brought the drink to her in regular water bottles and then poured it into a teacup. Unfortunately, the girl died in 2010 on October 19. That is why her relatives decided to remember this day and founded a small holiday in honor of Mary Edith.

The tonic was invented in India. It is based on quinine, which was originally used to treat malaria. It has a bitter taste that few people enjoy, but after a while, sugar and soda water was added to it, creating the first tonic water. This is exactly what a modern tonic looks like. But over time, less of the same quinine began to be added, and it was no longer used in the treatment of malaria.

The Recipe for a Real Gin and Tonic Cocktail

The Recipe for a Real Gin and Tonic  Cocktail

Now let’s move on to preparing this special drink. Here’s what we need:

  • 4-5 ice cubes;
  • 2 ounces (ca. 76 g) gin;
  • 4 ounces (0.15 kg) tonic;
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • 1 wedge of lime.

Place ice cubes in a suitable glass. Pour in gin and tonic, and stir. Add the lime juice and stir again. You can decorate the glass with a slice of lime. You can of course experiment with proportions, other ingredients to refresh the flavor, or simply use products from different manufacturers. If you like cocktails, this would be a great fun for you.

Don’t forget to treat your loved ones or friends to them. You may want to do it much more often than just once a year. This is great!

How to Celebrate a Holiday?

How to Celebrate gin tonic day

And so, now you know a little more about this day. We now move over to talk about ideas for celebrating the International gin and tonic Day 2021. Do you want to start the tradition of celebrating this day especially, or are you just tired of the standard scenarios? Then here are our special ideas:

  1. Have a competition to make the most delicious gin and tonic. If you invite friends to your place, let them take their cocktail made from the gin that they like the most. All tastes are likely to be slightly or very different. Talk about the qualities of each drink and identify the best bartender in your group.
  2. Visit an alcoholic shop that day. Surely, if in your city there is at least one good store with alcohol and other products to it, then it is possible that there would be some promotions, tasting or something else. Just check it in advance. Even if you don’t have this in the city, then perhaps it would be in other nearby cities, then we advise you to visit the shops.
  3. Go to a local bar, where you can often see parties of any kind. We think they should come up with something interesting and special to please their visitors. If you have acquaintances in this area, give them this idea to celebrate this day. It would be cool, and also beneficial for them if they can come up with something incredible for the guests of the establishment. If no one organizes this, then just go to all the bars in the city to determine where the most delicious gin and tonic are.
  4. Make your own gin at home. The internet is full of incredibly interesting recipes that you can easily reproduce yourself. Pick the one you like the most and just make it. After a while, you would sit and enjoy this drink, and you may not even want to buy it in the store anymore, but would make it yourself.

Well, you see, it’s very interesting and informative. If you have friends who love this drink as much as you do, why not celebrate this holiday along with the usual holidays?

We think this would be a great idea and a reason to take a break from everyday routine and have a good time with friends. Rather, buy everything you need and call everyone!

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