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International Rum Day, Rather Find Out All about Him and about Top Drinks with Rum

International Rum Day

In the United States of America, National Rum Day is celebrated annually on August 16. On this day, many Americans indulge themselves with a glass of rum or a cocktail based on it. Today, rum is called a strong alcoholic drink, which is made in a certain way from molasses or sugarcane juice.

Rum, as we know it and use it today, was first obtained in the Caribbean in the 17th century. One day, slaves working on the plantations noticed that molasses was fermented into alcohol. Distillation, on the other hand, made it possible to obtain a more concentrated alcoholic drink, as well as to remove impurities. As a result of this processing, the first rum was obtained.

According to some historical facts, rum was also first produced in Barbados – a state in the West Indies located in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea. And although the drink was not of very high quality, it was nevertheless very popular.

According to the strength, color, as well as use of rum, various types are distinguished. These are: light rum; amber rum; dark rum; flavored rum (strength about 40%); premium rum (drink aged for at least 5 years); rum elixir (rich rum, its strength is about 30% – 40%).

Rum is one of the most legendary drinks, not only for sea pirates but also for all connoisseurs of high-quality alcohol. On the one hand, it is strong, masculine, and on the other, fragrant and feminine.

A wide variety of Top drinks with Rum are prepared on the basis of light rum:

  • Cuba Libre (rum, cola, and lime, the most popular cocktail in the world);
  • Daiquiri (rum, lime, and sugar);
  • Pigna Colada (rum, coconut milk, and pineapple juice)
  • Mojito (rum and mint leaves);
  • Tia Maria (rum, sugar, vanilla, and specialty coffee grown in Jamaica).

In addition to cocktails, rum is used in the manufacture of various confectionery and desserts.

Since rum is made from sugar cane, it contains dextrin, glucose, maltose, and some minerals. Of course, a small portion of rum will warm you up in cold weather, help relieve fatigue after difficult workdays and simply cheer you up. It is believed that rum has a positive effect on the digestive process, therefore it is a digestive (from Latin. Digestivus – “promoting digestion”) – a drink served at the end of the meal in order to improve the digestion of food.

A Bit of History about Rum Day

 History about Rum Day

Perhaps no other alcoholic drink has had such a direct impact on the course of world history as international rum day.

Most people are used to thinking that rum is a pirate drink. This is inspired by the string of pirate books in which Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island floats. Many manufacturers naturally exploit the pirate theme.

Yes, the Caribbean Sea in the 1650s and 1730s was swarming with pirates. The struggle for influence in the Caribbean was then fought by Spain, England, and France (remember this too, this is also important, and we will return to this below). Spain had a huge, powerful fleet. The British and French lagged far behind in this regard. To compensate for this, they actively distributed the so-called marque patents, which triggered the emergence of massive piracy in the Caribbean.

Exactly at the same time, agriculture is actively developing on the islands of the Caribbean. Its main crop is sugar cane. Slaves from Africa work on his plantations. The resulting sugar is transported to the USA and Europe. But there are problems: sugar absorbs moisture very well, and transport losses are very high. One day, in order to compensate for the losses, someone comes up with a great idea to import also a by-product of sugar production – alcoholic beverage.

After some time, the so-called “rum triangle” develops. In a simplified form, it functioned like this:

  1. Slaves are being brought from Africa to the New World.
  2. From the New World, where slaves cultivated sugarcane, rum made from it is brought to Europe.
  3. From Europe to Africa, there is a flow of money received from the sale of rum, for which they buy new slaves to work on plantations in the New World.
  4. Profit!

The average life span of a slave on a plantation was one month. During this time, he “beat off” his value 4-5 times.

It may sound unexpected, but until the 18th century, the English colonies in North America were the world leader in rum production. The first officially registered rum distillery was opened in 1664 on Staten Island (now within the city limits of New York). A few years later, a second plant opened near Boston.

One of the main consumers of rum was the sprawling British navy, where the drink was part of the daily diet of sailors for three centuries. Freshwater quickly rotted, it had to be disinfected with something. The French brandy was too expensive, and the rum was cheap. And if in 1970, when rum was removed from the diet of British sailors, its daily rate was 1/8 pint (about 70 milliliters), then in 1655, when rum was introduced into the diet, this rate was 16 times more – more than a liter of rum a day! And before the battle, an extraordinary distribution of rum was also supposed to raise morale.

when is national rum day

It is not known how much and what to raise his morale, Admiral Edward Vernon drank in 1740, but he decided to declare battle to the indiscriminate drunkenness of sailors, replacing pure rum with a mixture of water, rum, and lemon juice.

Another admiral whose name is associated with rum is the famous Horatio Nelson. Rum is sometimes called “Nelson’s blood”. Allegedly, after his death in the Battle of Trafalgar, the admiral’s body was delivered to his homeland in a barrel of rum. Indeed, there was a barrel and the admiral’s body in it, but it was “bathed” not in rum, but in brandy.
You already knew thanks to our article when is national rum day. Let’s join the people of America on this day and have fun celebrating the day of rum, a rather pleasant and very popular drink today!

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