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What Day Is National Vodka Day? Interesting Information about This Special Day

What Day Is National Vodka Day

It is believed that vodka is a purely Russian drink, even though many people all over the world like to drink it. But did you know what world vodka day is? Considering that in some countries, like in the USA, there are holidays dedicated to individual products, celebrating a day of vodka isn’t out of the ordinary. Let’s find out interesting facts about this day and how it can be celebrated.

When Is National Vodka Day?

October 4th National vodka Day is marked as a special day in the US calendar. It’s a great day to toast to the celebration or try a new cocktail using this strong alcoholic beverage.

Manufacturers distill various substances to make vodka. As a result, many types of this drink appear on the shelves of wine shops. Vodka with grain, potatoes, fruit and sugar is suitable for mixing not only at the bar, but also in the kitchen.

In the United States, products, if vodka is sold in grocery stores, must contain at least 30 percent alcohol. Otherwise, it will no longer be considered the same drink. With the use of vodka, there are many cocktails for every taste: Bloody Mary, Sex on the beach, Moscow, Black Russian, Vodka Martini and others.

National Vodka Day History

National Vodka Day History

This odorless and tasteless drink is closely related to Eastern Europe. Vodka comes from the Russian word “water”. Although there is a fierce rivalry between Russia and Poland over who actually invented vodka, there are rumors that the drink was first produced in Russia in the 9th century. French and Russian soldiers scattered across Europe during the Napoleonic era of the 19th century eventually popularized the drink. Today, vodka is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world.

The first mention appeared in Wine Enthusiast Magazine in 2009. Since then, it has begun to be celebrated not only in the United States, but all over the world. Every year more and more people celebrate it, making new traditions and specifics of this day. It began to be celebrated in a special way in those countries where vodka is the most popular among all types of alcohol.

What to Do on National Vodka Day 2021?

National Vodka Day

The activities on this day can vary, but each of them will still be special. We decided to show you examples of celebrations that you can celebrate every year, making it a kind of tradition.

  1. Arrange a tasting. Buy different variations of vodka (for example, regular, flavored, infused with something and another), of course, a suitable snack to accompany it, and arrange gatherings with friends. Discuss which version of vodka you like the most. If there is a production or a store with an extensive selection of vodka in your city or nearby, then it’s time to visit them and try their varieties. Perhaps even the stores will celebrate this day and give visitors a taste of different flavors of vodka.
  2. Visit the vodka festival. If your city celebrates various holidays throughout the year, then perhaps the day of vodka can also exist. Here you can try homemade vodka, different degrees of alcohol, and, of course, snacks to accompany all this. This is incredibly interesting and will show you how many fans this drink has. If there is no such festival, then invite the city authorities to do it and perhaps offer to organize it.
  3. Make vodka yourself. This is an incredibly interesting process, although it can take some time. Still, it’s definitely worth it. There are simple recipes and video tutorials on the Internet that detail the whole process of homemade vodka. In addition, you can do this in advance so that the vodka is ready for the holiday, and you can taste it and share it with your friends.

Now you know not only about this drink and what day is National Vodka Day, but also about a separate holiday dedicated to it. We think it will be interesting for you to try once to celebrate this new day and add it to your holiday calendar.

Try to spend this day with your loved ones and friends, because it is in their company that you can feel all the pleasure and fun, but still, don’t forget about your drinking limit. We wish you a Happy National Vodka Day. Let this day be remembered for a long time!

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