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Now Grammy-Winner Miguel Launches His First Collection of Eco-Friendly Clothes


Musician and Grammy Award-winner Miguel takes on the role of designer and launches an eco-friendly fashion collection called Schedule 1 Concepts.

“Not only it is eco-friendly but also ethical, and I want to wear it”- the musician shared about the recently launched line on his social media page. The debut S1C Core collection consists of eight eco-friendly items. These are several tops, a hoodie, a T-shirt dress, trousers and a tote bag available in two colors. Graffiti design with metropolitan influence complements short-sleeved T-shirts, baggy trousers, and oversized hoodies. A unique feature of this collection is a kimono jacket in a neutral shade with a bright accent on the sleeves.

Miguel said that he likes the sustainable direction. But when he tries to find clothes that suit him, he just wastes time searching. He explains that unfortunately, typical eco-friendly clothes are not oriented to people like him, with this way of life. Adding that such clothes can be worn by yoga lovers and not, for example, “real” guys who grew up among punks. Defending the complexity of his multifaceted personality is a priority in his upcoming collection oriented to a wide variety of consumers. It’s about being sharp while still being optimistic while wearing these clothes.

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