The Oldest Pub in Britain, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, Will Close Its Doors Due to Pandemic

the oldest pub in britain will close

In the city of St. Albans, which is located 30 kilometers from London, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, founded in 793, is now closing its doors. The pub is considered the oldest in the country. The establishment survived the plague and wars, but could not pass the test of covid and lockdowns.

It is expected that the institution will have a new investor, and it will revive. In the meantime, the staff of the pub that numbers ten people were left without work. Some of them especially moved to the city to work there.

The owner has done everything possible to keep the establishment running, but the impact on the economy caused by the coronavirus has been greater.

ye olde fighting will close

The closing of the pub broke the heart of a businessman who thanked the customers. According to the man, the pub for him was more than just a business. He is also offended by the employees, who have become practically family members.

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