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Rappers with Glasses: What Glasses Can Be Considered the Coolest for Every Man?

Rappers with Glasses

Agree, almost all rappers try to look stylish, including wearing stylish glasses. For example, starting with bust down Cartier glasses, and ending with other brands of vintage glasses. It is this style that is considered classic and modern to this day and shows the status and coolness of any man.

These glasses are so valuable that they even began to be collected. Julian Emani, or as he is also called, Vintage Julz, is considered the owner of one of the largest collections of these vintage glasses. In his 29 years, the last 6 of which, he has grown to become the largest supplier of hip-hop-style glasses. Sometime after the beginning of his hobby, it grew into a real business.

Now the man owns a cool, stylish glass store in Philadelphia. On the shelves of the store, you can find world brands of eyewear manufacturers. They are chosen by various stars of show business and representatives of pop culture. In addition, he had many dead celebrities who wore glasses to clients during his lifetime. You may even know a few examples of them. By the way, Julian himself believes that he is the most successful seller of old-school sunglasses of all time. We think many will agree with his opinion.

And so, today we decided to show you excellent examples of glasses that have the highest fame among men, and in particular rappers, who are also in Julian’s store.

Vintage Sunglasses Men

“Anyone who has ever sold Cartiers will tell you that there was never a time when people wanted Cartiers more than when Pop Smoke wore them, and that was before he died. Everyone wanted Big Cs with a Hennessy touch. Just like Pop Smoke did. Everyone, from Detroit to New York and China, wanted Pop Smoke glasses”, Julian Emani said in a short report.

You ask: what glasses does Pop Smoke wear? We will answer that there is no separate special frame here. These are classic vintage Cartier frames from the late 1990s with a slight gradient on the lenses. The glasses are packed in a separate case, which allows you to safely carry them with you.

But even such a simple model was able to make an incredible stir after they appeared in front of the very same rapper. Having bought this model, the pop smoke has become even cooler. You just look at the pictures, and you will immediately understand all the special messages that the Cartier glasses Pop Smoke emitted. This particular model of Cartier Pop Smoke glasses are still very often bought on the Internet in order to be as stylish as it was in its best years. And these glasses can indeed give every man a special look.

Buffs Cartier glasses

Another equally popular model is Buffs Cartier glasses. Immediately looking at this model, you can see what a stately person wears. Iced out Cartier Buffs are special gems that sparkle unrealistically by connecting lenses. The frame itself is made of buffalo horns, hence the name of this special model. The dark brown lenses provide excellent sun protection and are made with natural stone and gold accents on the hinges. But this doesn’t mean at all that they cannot be worn in the dark. At Julian’s store, glasses are selected exclusively for each visitor, which guarantees the fact that you can wear these glasses for a very long time, and they will fit perfectly.

In fact, buffs are very popular with world stars and the music industry. That is why it is very difficult to list all the owners of Buffalo Cartiers. You can find dozens of examples on the Internet, or simply check out the latest red carpet examples to see for yourself. But Lil Uzi Vert loves this model most of all. You’ve probably seen a lot of pictures of Lil Uzi Vert smoking in these glasses. Agree, it looks very cool. We are sure that if you wear these glasses, you will be able to feel their special energy, which will certainly give you confidence and coolness. Your friends and acquaintances will probably want them too if they see the glasses on you.

Quavo pop smoke glasses

Quavo sunglasses look incredible too. And this is also one of the coolest vintage models from Cartier. Slightly tinted lenses with a slightly warm shade look great both in the sun and at night. And they are complemented by a special frame of Quavo glasses. With the shimmer of her precious stones, she simply dazzles everyone who looks at them with brilliance. And the special effect is visible when a large sweat of sunlight or artificial light falls on them. That is why the model Bugatti 508 sunglasses are chosen for special events, performances and other important social days.

Quavo Migos glasses aren’t only for these most famous rap artists, but also for other representatives of pop and rap culture. If you want the same glasses, you can easily match frames and lenses to your own taste. Juliana’s store can offer sun-protection lenses or the same transparent one. The frame can of course be decorated with precious stones, but if desired, the frame can be made in gold and with dark inserts, making the glasses all the same cool. Do you agree with our opinion that these glasses can be called the most stylish of all? We think you also nodded positively.

Authentic Gazelle pop smoke glasses

Authentic Gazelle pop smoke glasses, on the other hand, have a special history that may not be found in other glasses. In the early 80s of the last century, the young and ambitious designer Cari Zalloni, who came from Austria, decided to create his own brand of glasses, which are still heard on the lips of many famous people. Immediately after its appearance, the Cazal brand gained immense popularity and excitement among connoisseurs of vintage style. It was in these years and in this place that glasses began to be used not only for their functionality and purpose but also simply to completely complement the image.

Initially, the idea of ​​Gazelle glasses was to create something minimalistic, but on the other hand, unusual, so that the model could be immediately recognized among thousands of types of glasses. And if you look at them now, you will immediately understand that they are. The classic version is transparent lenses and bright black frames with gold inserts. Large square lenses and thick bezels can suit just about anyone who wears them. Measure them and see for yourself.

Meek Mill glasses from Cazal

Among the lovers of these glasses, you can see the Meek Mill. Surely you noticed special glasses on him in photos on social networks, and not only. Meek Mill glasses from Cazal particular brand. The Vintage 616 looks incredible. Gradient lenses with a smooth transition from translucent brown to transparent can also protect from the sun. Brown frames and gold-accented bezels add character and style to this model. Warm tones just give that vintage message and a reference to the fact that they are worn by a special person. This model can also be found among Julian’s collection in his store.

The Schoolboy G pop smoke glasses

The Schoolboy G sunglasses are quite unusual, but still considered a classic vintage option. The Thom Browne SS14 model can be seen not only on the famous performer and his colleagues from show business, but also on every model of the Thom Browne fashion show. It looks aesthetically cool and adds a special vibe.

The model that schoolboy q has is made of dark sun-protection lenses and a special glossy frame with gold inserts on black material. It is thanks to the combination of these colors that the model can be called classic. It can also suit almost everyone. But how many would dare to wear this shape of glasses?

We think you now know exactly what glasses do Quavo wears, and what other rappers prefer. Perhaps this is exactly what you were looking for. Therefore, consider each of the above models to understand which ones you really like. You have to understand that vintage Cartier glasses, for example, aren’t that cheap. But believe us, they are really worth it! And if you still have the opportunity to get into Julian’s store, then be sure to try on the coolest models. We think you can also celebrate yourself as a special person. Which of the rapper glasses did you like the most?

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