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Best Port Drinking Glasses – How to Use Port Wine & Some Nuances of Drinking Port Sipping Glasses

Few people buy glassware specifically for desserts or fortified wines such as sherry and port, but there are a number of brands that produce excellent products for this category. Of course, you can also buy the perfect all-around glass. But this is not at all what you want. Read our article below to find out which are the best to use the grocery for these drinks.

If you are among the lucky ones, and you are lucky enough to taste Portuguese port with friends and family, then it would be nice to know which port wine glasses you need. This is a noble drink, and in order to fully enjoy its bouquet and aroma, it is necessary to observe some generally accepted rules for drinking wines of this class. We will try to give you comprehensive information on this matter.

Most people have one, maybe two, sets of mini wine tasting glasses, which is usually more than enough. However, if you want to take your wine rating to the next level, you need to learn about the different types of wine glasses and buy sets for each type of wine you serve.

Best Port Drinking Glasses

Glass of Zalto Sweet Wine

Glass of Zalto Sweet Wine

Handcrafted by Austrian glassblowers Zalto, the goblet is a goblet to sip the old Sauternes from after a pleasant dinner. Since they are quite expensive, it would be difficult to justify the price if you don’t drink dessert wines often. But if you are going to use them exclusively on your own, or in a close family circle, enjoy a glass of the German nectar of the Trockenbeerenauslese gods after an exquisite home dinner.

Riedel Vinum Port Wine Glasses

Glass Riedel Vinum Port

If the port is your idea of ​​dessert wine, then these port sipping glasses deserve a place in your bar. Especially. Made for the historic red fortified wine from Portugal, the slim, tapered shape enhances the rich notes of sweet fruit and spice typical of the port.

Sherry Glass Riedel Sommeliers Sherry

Sherry Glass Riedel Sommeliers Sherry

First, let’s clear up the misconception that all sherry is sweet or should even fall into the category of dessert wines. This is completely untrue. Most of the sherries are dry and can be drunk both as an apéritif or a digestif, before, during, and after dinner. Of course, there are also wonderful sweet sherries. Fortunately, these versatile glasses are suitable for all categories, from dry Fino to dark, viscous Pedro Ximénez.

Small Sherry Port Wine Glasses

sherry glasses port wine

Designed specifically for serving sherry, these glasses are very similar to port wine glasses. They have a very long stem that protects the quality of the drink while it is being consumed and a very small opening for the mouth. This directs the sherry aroma into the drinker’s nose and ensures that they can enjoy even the smallest nuances in their drink.

Riedel Veritas Sauvignon Blanc

Riedel Veritas Sauvignon Blanc

Universal tasting vintage port wine glasses have a small volume, about 400 ml, and taper towards the top. The wine in such a glass heats up more slowly (which is important for wines that are served very chilled) and more slowly evaporates alcohol along with the molecules of aromas, and also looks very elegant.


burgundy glass for port wine

Due to the narrowing of the upper part of the port wine glass size, the aromas accumulate at the edge, which helps us to properly feel all the nuances of the delicate bouquet. For light dry wines, this is an opportunity to show their best side, but for powerful reds, such a concentration has the opposite effect: the taste would seem wrong, harsh, overly tannin, and the aromatics rough. Therefore, there is a separate glass in which it is better to serve such wines.

These special glasses have a more port serving size than the Bordeaux glass. The bowl is larger so that it can accommodate some of the wine’s aromas that are slightly more subtle. Due to the shape of the glass, the drinker would taste the wine first on the tip of the tongue and then throughout the mouth.

Tasting with the tip of your tongue ensures that you can fully experience the taste and smell of even the most delicate wines and that you don’t miss any of its nuances.

Some of these vintage port glasses have a shorter stem that prevents the glass from tipping over, but these legs are still long enough for you to rotate the wine easily. This is necessary for the wine to absorb air, and it allows you to enjoy the best of its taste and smell.

“Bordeaux” Port Wine Glasses

bordeaux wine glass

Crystal port glasses called “Bordeaux” look the same and have the same shape and height as the universal glass for white, but the difference is in a larger volume – from 500 ml. It is traditionally used for most aged red wines, and is therefore often referred to as the “Cabernet Sauvignon glass”. The type of glass called “Bordeaux” is suitable for full-bodied, rich wines, which, unlike whites, require a larger area of ​​contact with oxygen: active aeration softens the taste of the wine. Serve a rich wine in a glass-like this to accentuate its aroma and smooth out the tannins.

Glass Riedel Sommeliers Vintage Port

Glass Riedel Sommeliers Vintage Port Wine Glasses

Riedel introduces another glasses for port wine, but on a higher level. The Sommelier series was one of the first lines to use a special lead-free crystal. If you do decide to spend money on such a glass, you will understand that you have invested correctly. It is ideal for enjoying your favorite port, fully revealing its taste and aroma.

Glass Sophienwald Phoenix Purus Sweet Wine

Glass Sophienwald Phoenix Purus Sweet Wine

These glasses are specially designed for serving and tasting sweet wines. The wide base of the bowl perfectly releases aromas, and its shape helps to fully reveal the flavors of Jerez, Madeira, Vinsanto, and other wonderful drinks. Glasses are made by hand from crystal, and, as practice shows, they are very resistant to wear and tear and are durable as they have the proper glass for the port. Even with prolonged daily use, they did not lose transparency and did not lose their beautiful appearance.

Glass Zalto Universal

Glass Zalto Universal

While most assume this glass is for dry table wines, Zalto Universal is also for serving and dessert wines. Actually, here’s a little secret: if you don’t have enough room for glasses for each variety, species, and geographic name, just invest in a set of these glasses. Each glass is made of crystal, which, of course, raises the price, but the feeling of the delicate thing in your hand and their versatility are worth it.

Glass Riedel “O TO GO” White Wine

Glass Riedel “O TO GO” Port Wine Glasses

If you don’t drink a lot of dessert wine and want to look modern while serving your guests something sweet after dinner, bring a few of these. For relatively little money, you would receive a glass of the original shape without a leg, with a capacity of 375 ml. Since no one pours a full glass of dessert wine or port, such a small volume is perfect for such a purpose.

How to Use Port Wine?

The most sophisticated way to enjoy port is to serve it straight or “neat” in the correct port glass. Of course, not all ports are good enough to enjoy.

Port is a simple, fun, and delicious take on this classic wine. Cocktail styles to look for include white, pink, ruby, ​​and tony port.

In the old days, when there were no corporate parties yet, and sometimes even now, Portuguese Port was drunk at parties and balls. They did not drink at the table with snacks but during walks. It was often drunk in small sips while making small talk. So originally, this drink was meant to fuel heartfelt conversation.

Some Nuances of Drinking

  • by tradition, port is a primordially masculine drink;
  • after opening, the bottle is no longer plugged with a cork;
  • the bottle is usually served on a special stand;
  • use tulip-shaped glasses for a drink;
  • pour only half of the glass.

The best time to drink port is in autumn. A cigar, coffee, and a glass of port are the perfect accompaniment to friendly gatherings. Rumor has it that this combination also helps brighten up loneliness. This is the spirit of real wine from Portugal – measured, very rich, and slightly tired.
So you have found out all the necessary information about the best port glasses, thanks to our article, which our team has prepared especially for you.

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