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Promising Candidate in Presidents of Brazil, Eduardo Leite, Made a Coming-Out as a Gay

eduardo leite

Eduardo Leite, who is currently the governor of Brazil’s southernmost state, has recently become a potential candidate for the president position. Since then, the rumors have circulated about his sexual orientation. And over the weekend, he made a coming-out for next year’s election, pronouncing himself as a gay.

A 36-year-old candidate for the Brazilian Social Democratic Party, during an interview on the country’s leading television channel, said he has now nothing to hide and wants to be honest. Eduardo shared that he is gay, adding that he is proud of this. The man also spoke honestly about how his political activism has affected his relationship with his partner. Namely, this led to attacks from his opponents along with jokes and mess.

Such an announcement arrived after a lot of rumors circulated around him as he became a promising candidate for the presidency. Leite hopes to win next year’s national elections. His parents also support him and say that Brazil needs people who are open about their feelings. Now, LGBT community members’ reactions range from support and blame. That’s why his victory may bring new opportunities for the protection of vulnerable communities.

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