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Power of Pheromones

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When looking for a partner, mice and humans are affected by body odor. But do humans, like mice and other mammals, produce pheromones?
They still don’t know for sure. By definition, a pheromone should be an aromatic substance produced by the bodies of all women and men and to which others respond in a certain way: by behavior change, sexual stimulation, or hormonal changes. Although the perfume industry has announced that there are human sex pheromones, real scientific research does not follow, says a British biologist in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Pheromones – biologically active substances, products of external secretion secreted by animals. Whether people have them and whether they attract partners remains unclear.

Zoologist Tristram Wyatt from the University of Oxford believes it is necessary to start searching for such neurotransmitters from the very beginning and to follow the relevant criteria in experiments.

He notes that finding a pheromone that controls human sexual behavior is less likely than, let’s say, a pheromone that develops a sucking reflex in infants. On the one hand, it is possible that man as a mammal produces pheromones that have not yet been noticed. On the other hand, this form of chemical communication in the process of evolution to modern man could disappear.

This confirms that the person no longer has a special vomeronasal organ. It consists of special sensory cells that, as a “second nose”, specialize in capturing pheromones. However, says zoologist, this olfactory organ is absent in rabbits and sheep, which still receive pheromones.

Visual evidence of the presence of pheromones in humans can be obtained using the same classic steps that were developed by the German chemist Adolf Butenandt when working on the identification of sexual attractants in butterflies: in adults, the neurotransmitter must cause a certain reproductive reaction or metabolism.

Therefore, the substance and the mixture of substances are chemically formed, analyzed, and finally placed in natural concentrations to see if they will cause the same reactions as in the laboratory.

Instead of sex pheromones, you may need to look more closely for neurotransmitters that do affect mammalian behavior, Wyatt writes. This will prove that the glands of the skin of women’s breasts produce an important life-sucking reflex in infants.

In this case, a biological test of the effectiveness of hypothetical mediators would be easier to perform than for sexual pheromones that attract or stimulate the partner and best pheromones to attract females!

Pheromones in Humans World

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Naturally, experts have suggested the possibility of a similar relationship in humans. One of the approaches used to test this hypothesis is the so-called sweaty T-shirt method, in which women are allowed to smell the worn T-shirts of different men and are offered to choose the most pleasant smell for them.

In such experiments, women in the vast majority of cases prefer men who differ as much as possible in histocompatibility genes – provided that they belong to the same race. The latter can be explained by the fact that too large differences in genotypes can generally deprive a couple of viable offspring. In some way, sweat knows how to increase pheromones.

The study of large representatives of the animal world has brought more tasty fruits. Thus, it turned out that the smell of Androstenone contained in the urine and saliva of wild boars – a metabolite of the male sex hormone testosterone – paralyzes female pigs in a position most comfortable for intercourse, even if there is no wild boar nearby.

Androstenone has also been found in the saliva and sweat of human males. And in the vaginal secretion of women contain copulins, monkey analogs of which literally drive crazy male rhesus macaques. These compounds began to be used in the production of sex perfumes and pheromone cologne to attract the opposite sex.

Unfortunately, for those who eager for new victories in love, experiments have shown that Androstenone cologne with pheromones sprayed in the air has no effect on women’s sexual desire. So, does pheromone cologne works? Not really! There is evidence that Androstenone improves women’s mood and makes them calmer and more confident, but no more. The influence of copulins on men could not be revealed at all.

Today, it is believed that human pheromones still exist and are fragments of sex hormone molecules and possibly other molecules secreted by human sweat glands and modified by bacteria living on the skin.

So, how to release pheromone naturally? Well, the uniqueness of each person’s micro flora provides the individuality of the bouquet of the scent emanating from it, including the pheromone aroma, which has almost no scent in the everyday sense. That is why a virtually blind baby recognizes his mother, and adults unmistakably choose from a pile of clothes worn by their close relatives and loved ones.

And here is a question, buy pheromones or not to buy? Earlier we explained that, unfortunately, special man pheromone cologne doesn’t work. If it won’t work you will still smell good!

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