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Public Speaking Tips from Richard Branson

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First, let’s check what is the definition of public speaking. According to Wikipedia, the public speaking definition is the process or act of performing a speech to a live audience.

Share your own life or professional experience, try to be the voice of a crowd, make an impact for others, or be an example, no matter what you choose. That’s why public speaking is important to help people understand something that they cannot understand by themselves.

It is not easy to deliver a constructive speech to a large audience of people and even achieve the goal of good speaking. But if you know some tips, your speech will for sure be the best one. This is called the art of public speaking.

Richard Branson is a well-known public speaker and wealthy British entrepreneur for his excellent public speaking skills. People are ready to give a lot of money for learning his secrets to perform. Richard Branson had admitted once that he is nervous and even afraid of public speaking. So, he started mastering public speaking and had greatly succeeded in this.

In the book “My Rules”, he described how to perform a beautiful and confident speech and how to start a speech in front of an audience, even if you have fear and excitement.

You need to act like you are talking with your friends and not in front of a big audience. Richard Branson gives one piece of advice from the incredible writer Gavin Maxwell. This advice is about imagining during a speech in public that you are in a cozy atmosphere in the company of close people with whom it is pleasant to communicate. You have to imagine that you are telling your friends an interesting story. It’s a very useful public speaking exercise!

Here you will find little rules. You will know exactly how to become a public speaker after reading it.

Timeline of Speech


Branson is usually trying not to delay his performances for long in public speaking activities. Even the famous mastering public speaking politician Winston Churchill did not speak for more than 25 minutes. The entrepreneur believes that if the speaking time is too long, the effect of the delivered speech will decrease.

During a speech, you need to make small pauses so that listeners can assimilate what has been said. During some of his presentations, Branson used cards with the word “Pause”. It’s a great art of public speaking!

Continuously Practice

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It is best to prepare for a performance in a week. Even if it is not planned, it is better to write it down on paper and learn it well. Richard Branson practices the speech until he starts repeating it in his sleep. It’s a very important public speaking training.

A Little Excitement Is Good

Many people are afraid of excitement. However, for speakers, it can be helpful. A little excitement improves brain productivity, optimizes, and allows you to focus. Some of the best speakers are a bit nervous about their upcoming performance. And that’s one of the ways to become a better public speaker!

Avoid Unnecessary Words

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If you want that speech to be successful and not cause misunderstanding to avoid unnecessary words. And how to improve speaking skills? Simple – avoid some words in your speech. List of words that should exclude from the speech and that’s what makes a good speech:

  • Words-parasites: “Let’s just say”, “as it were”, etc.
  • “Not a bad idea” Such a phrase confuses people because of uncertainty.
  • “You may not like it, but…”. The phrase shows doubts for the audience. Better to say: “The task is difficult, but we can do it”.
  • “It doesn’t look like anything at all”. The expression can mean anything: both good and bad.
  • “It was even better”. Better to tell the public straight away what is going on.
  • “No comments”. This phrase is better to use for paparazzi. Better to say, “I’m sorry, but right now I don’t have enough information to tell you more”.
  • “Nevertheless”. The phrase disproves a speech at all.
  • “OK”. The popular word has no place in a constructive speech. Often it means “Okay, leave me alone”.

Even if you now think you are weak in public speaking, it is never too late to improve your speaking skills and speaking techniques! The main thing is to train, perform, and everything will work out! That’s a secret to become a better speaker!

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