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Qualities of a Good Father

Due to the high pace of life of a modern man, the problem of fatherhood becomes very important in terms of identifying the qualities of a good father. A more detailed consideration of this problem will reveal the main determinants of the formation of an ideal father.

The scientific novelty of this work consists of the consideration and analysis of the main factors of forming the idea of an ideal father.

being a good dad

Purpose of work:

  • To define the main qualities of being a good father.

Objectives of the Work:

  • To consider the features of the optimal parenthood;
  • To describe the main types of ideas about the qualities of a good dad;
  • To analyze the factors that determine the formation of ideas about the paternity.

In society there are notions of an ideal father is a successful father, who provides material welfare of the family, who is powerful, strict, independent, low-emotional; the child respects him and recognizes his authority. A lot of people also believe that modern fathers are too far from ideal. The higher the level of a person’s education, the farther he is from the stereotypes of what makes a good father. His parents’ ideal will be more androgynous and diverse than that of people with secondary education who prefer traditional ideals.

Regarding the psychological climate, children from families with a favorable climate will have the ideal of a parent as a cooperative, altruistic, soft, humane. If a person is dissatisfied with the family environment, relationships with their spouse or children anxious, and tense. Their ideal parent may become more cooperative, altruistic, trusting, less aggressive, and powerful.

The ideal parent in men’s ideas is more powerful, dominant, persistent, and realistic, inclined to rely only on their own strength and abilities, and more self-confident with a more developed sense of responsibility toward their children. Ideal in women’s ideas is more sincere, sympathetic, and empathetic, counseling, and caring.

The psychology of family upbringing has put forward the idea of an optimal parenting position. The parents’ position in upbringing is optimal if they accept the child as he or she is, treat him or her warmly, evaluate him or her objectively and, based on this evaluation, build up the upbringing, and can change the methods and forms of influence by changes in the circumstances of the child’s life. To adopt an optimal parenting position, the father needs the following psychological qualities: be adequate, flexible, and prognostic in the line of interaction with his own child; otherwise, the parent will not be able to contribute to the child’s successful development. An optimal parenting position should meet three main requirements: adequacy, prognosticate, and flexibility. These qualities will help you to be the best dad.

Adequacy of an adult’s position is based on a real accurate assessment of his/her child’s characteristics and on the ability to see, understand, and respect his/her individuality. A parent should not concentrate only on what he or she wants to achieve in principle from his or her child; knowledge and consideration of his or her abilities and aptitudes are the most important conditions for successful development.

what makes a good father

Traits of a Good Father

  • A good dad just loves: free of charge, regardless of the behavior of children, which, however, does not mean that the father is never angry or upset about their behavior (change of emotions);
  • Open in communication with his children (asks about their well-being, supports their desire to talk about problems and difficulties, successes and achievements, listens attentively, respects their point of view, speaks about his love, explains all his actions, requests, and refusals not for the sake of excuses, because he wishes them good in the future.
  • Spends time together with children, paying attention to them to develop relationships (good dads are busy just like everyone else, but they find time for their children and put them first in their lives);
  • Patient (does not get annoyed with children’s mistakes, supports them with praise, and gives them time for quiet tasks);
  • Sets a good example as a role model in behavior (a man’s responsibility for his speech, behavior, actions, and words do not disagree with the case);
  • Knows how to have fun because children get along well with such people (entertainment is not separate, but with them, that brings joy and leaves wonderful memories in the child);
  • Provides children (satisfying their needs, helping them to understand the difference between needs and whims);
  • Strives for self-improvement (with respect to parental responsibilities and other areas of activity, avoids complacency, which has a positive impact on children’s life achievements).

This list of good father qualities should help you to improve your relationship with your child or will prepare you to become a good father.

The above principles will help protect children without being overprotective, raise children who are self-confident, thoughtful, aspire to perfection, openly discuss any topic, and, as a result, the risk of trouble in a child’s life is reduced. You will be a good father only if you will know more information about this and will use it in real life.

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