Raf Simons’ New Collection Features Mask Hats That Maintain Anonymity

Raf Simons Collection

The Raf Simons brand team did not follow the schedule of any of the Fashion Weeks and only a day before the presentation of the autumn-winter 2022/23 season published a teaser on Instagram with the date and time of the digital show.

A hybrid hat opened the show. In addition to raincoat caps made of fluffy warm fabric, Raf Simons created a modern interpretation of medieval knight helmets with slits for the eyes, as well as caps that were worn under armor several centuries ago.

Raf Simons Presented Collection

In the upcoming fall and winter, Raf Simons also suggested wearing shiny patent coats and things reminiscent of rock band merch prints.

The color scheme turned out to be unexpectedly restrained: there is a lot of black in the collection. However, it is accented with flashes of turquoise, bright red, neon green, and orange. Raf decided to try himself in upcycling and made accessories from leftover fabrics.

The Belgian designer continues to exploit the theme of Gothic jewelry: this time he created brooches and earrings in the form of hugging human skeletons, massive bracelets, and rings.

Raf Simons Autumn-Winter 2022
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