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Recently, a File Related to the Death of Nirvana Member Kurt Cobain Was Released by the FBI

kurt cobain

According to the information received, the 10-page file does not actually reveal new information but rather supports conspiracy theories. These documents state that the cause of death of a member of the Nirvana group may not have been suicide. Several letters, which were sent from unknown people, asked to reopen the case, arguing that not only was his case not considered murder in the first place, but there was more than enough evidence to change the cause of death from suicide to murder. For example, the gun from which the musician shot himself did not have his fingerprints. Аnd what’s more, in his last note, Cobain did not say anything about his desire to die.

The letter said that the police who handled the case never took the investigation seriously. Moreover, it was insisted on suicide from the very beginning. It follows from all this that the killer is still alive. Other letters have suggested that a great injustice may have been committed. The private investigator, who was originally hired by his wife to try to find him a week before his death, is firmly convinced that the woman herself could have ordered the murder. Millions of fans from all around the world now want the inconsistencies surrounding his death cleared up once and for all.

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