The New 2022 Vehicle of Red Bull Especially for the Formula 1 Championship

red bull new formula 1 car

Due to the beginning of cooperation with the American corporation Oracle, Red Bull changed its official name. Now the Austrian Formula 1 team has the name Oracle Red Bull Racing. The famous creator of energy drinks became the second team to show a 2022 car, titled RB18.

There are some notifications since this year, the new technical decrees started to act in Formula 1, and all the race cars have to be built under the terms of the rules. Here are some examples: the championship changed to using 18-inch wheels and all vehicles became a little bit larger and heavier. Herewith, it was mentioned in the preliminary message, that the presentation will demonstrate the basic version of the cars without specific details.

red bull new 2022 car for formula 1

And what do you think about the new rules? Do you follow Formula 1 competitions? Leave your comments below the article!

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