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Make Your Own Cigars: Read the Article Now to Know Everything

roll your own cigars

Are you a lover of smoking? And have you ever tried to roll your own cigars?

Here we are giving you several good advice!

How To Make Your Own Cigar at Home?

Cigar lovers from all over the world appreciate hand-rolled panatellas. In factories in Havana, the Dominican Republic, and other countries, where tobacco products are produced, female craftsmen are engaged in rolling. It is women’s cigars that are recognized as the best in the world. But men’s products are also of excellent quality. It is quite possible to make your own cigars at home. This requires patience, time, and desire to learn how to make a panatella for yourself with your own hands.

What Equipment Is Necessary to Make Cigars at Home?

make your own cigar

To make your own cigars from tobacco leaves at home, you need several tools.


Two wooden boards 22, 35 or more millimeters thick with specially cut shapes. Shapes can be hollowed out with a chisel and sanded to smooth. The depth of the shapes can be calculated when you will make your own cigar by taking a cigar, like which you would like to make at home, and placing it in a recess. In each of the boards, the cigar should fit exactly half its diameter.

If you don’t have a cigar on hand, you can find out the diameter of the tobacco product on the Internet and make a cylindrical depression half the diameter of one of the types of cigars.


How to make your own cigars without a good knife? It is impossible. A knife of any length will do. It is desirable that it be as thin or sharp as possible. The ideal option is a knife from the carving set.

Colorless Glue

In addition to color, it is important that the glue is odorless. The usual moment will also do, but it is better to go to special tobacco markets, carpentry or art supplies stores and consult with professionals who know what kind of glue does not smell at all.

How to Prepare Tobacco Leaves for Rolling Your Own Cigars?

rolling your own cigars

Tobacco leaves are the main ingredient in cigars. You can purchase this component in specialized stores or hand-held.

Before starting to roll tobacco leaves, you must:

  • Moisten or moisturize. To do this, you can use a bottle with holes in the lid or a spray bottle.
  • Select leaves to be used as coverslips. To do this, you need to find the thinnest, largest and softest leaves with the help of touch.
  • Cut out the central veins from leaves that have been selected as coverslips. This can be done with ordinary scissors or a stationery knife.
  • Choose binding leaves, which will serve as a kind of “spacer” between the wrapper leaves and the filling of the cigar.
  • Select the leaves to fill the cigar. Take everything that is left after the selection of the cover and binder sheets. The filling leaves can be moistened less. It is also worth smelling them so that leaves with a uniform aroma get into one cigar.

How to Roll Your Own Cigars?

make your own cigars

To roll a cigar at home you need:

  • Seal the cigar. Cut out a small semicircle from the remnants of Roll up the leaves left to fill the panatella into a bunch. The length of the bundle should be calculated based on your own preference for the length of the cigars.
  • Wrap the bundle with a binder sheet – important in making your own cigars. Determine which end of the cigar will be the head and which leg. The leg is always set on fire, and the head is taken into the mouth. After that, you need to seal the end of the binder sheet with a drop of glue. Put the workpiece in the mold.

Let the workpiece sit in the mold for 30-45 minutes.

  • Select the smoother side of the wrapper and lay that side down when you will make your own cigars.
  • Fold the blank cover sheet diagonally from a sharp edge to a blunt one. You need to fold very slowly, achieving maximum adhesion of the layers.
  • the wrapper. Apply a little glue to the back of it and wrap it around the cigar head. Using light pressure, seal the panatella as tightly as possible.
  • Insist on a cigar. Put it on a wooden board in a room with low humidity and let it sit for 1-2 days. After that, place it in a special form and leave for 12 hours. Place the cigar head on the other side and repeat the process.
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