Ex-Michael Schumacher Mercedes-Benz Model C63 AMG Is Put Up for Auction

rare mercedes benz

Auction Bonhams is preparing to sell the Mercedes-Benz model C 63 AMG. The car was formerly owned by Michael Schumacher. The vehicle will be put up for sale without the possibility of a reserve on February 3. They plan to earn from the auction which will be held in Paris from 50,000 to 100,000 euros. And the starting price is 50 thousand euros.

The seven-time Formula One champion got this car when he joined the new team back in January 2010. The car had a wide range of options, which at the time were valued at more than 20,000 dollars. This is above the price of a base station wagon.

However, already in July of the same year, the man got a new car, and C63 was waiting for a new owner until 2011. A man from Switzerland used the car for four years.

The next owner of the sports wagon was a Mercedes-Benz engineer from Germany. He returned the car to excellent condition and replaced all four wheels. As for the current owner, he bought C63 in early 2018 and only used it in the summer.

The car is still in good condition, but in the pictures, you can see small chips on the edge of the hood and slightly cloudy headlight housings. According to the passport, a rear-wheel-drive wagon should reach 96 km / h in about four seconds.

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