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Zixiong Wei’s SCRY™ Lab Offers to Customers 3D Printed Models of Funny Sneakers

3d shoes

SCRY™ Lab is led by the 22-year-old Zixiong Wei, SCRY™ Lab is an emerging brand. The footwear company is located in Beijing and is not afraid to experiment and push the boundaries.

SCRY explores various future possibilities. Based on the concept named Digital Embryo, the technology offers a pair of shoes made with a fully digital process. The item can be released both as an online and offline model.

It means, the company produces a virtual simulation of shoes so the clients can choose and order shoes. Then the item is printed in various combinations.

Zixiong Wei sneakers

It takes two weeks to develop the product, as well as to invent new shoe styles and designs. But in general, the cycle of a new pair of shoes is about two months.

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