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Men’s Shaving Tips – Shaving Techniques for Sensitive Skin Will Surprise You

how to shave sensitive skin

Everyone shaves. And who does not shave, trims his beard, and straightens his mustache, such is the man’s fate – to do something with facial hair. A beautiful beard and the cult of a mustache is a whole science, so we will not go into the shrine and will only touch on the topic of shaving, and more specifically, skincare before and after it.

What Should You Do before Shaving? Face Shaving Tips

Men shave every day and think they know everything about it. They repeat the same actions in the morning and make typical Sensitive skin shaving mistakes. The most expensive razor in the world costs like a good car, but even one does not guarantee perfectly smooth skin if it is not prepared first.

There are two types of shaving – dry and wet. Which method to choose is a matter of personal preference, but so that shaving does not turn out to be in vain, choose the right equipment, cosmetics and make sure of your own skill. If you are completely lost, there are a couple of tips:

When the skin is sensitive, the stubble grows uncertainly, does not differ in density and uniform growth. Best shaving method – shaving on dry skin is suitable.

When the hair is coarse and the beard grows “just right” – choose a classic wet shave.

Regardless of which method you choose, you first need to steam and soften the skin. Hot water opens pores and moisturizes bristles. Hair will be easier to shave off and there will be no irritation on the soft surface. Start shaving immediately after a shower, and if there is no time for water treatments, go to express methods: wash with plenty of hot water or wipe your face with a wet towel, this is the best way to shave for sensitive skin.

What Is Worth Knowing about Shaving? Shaving Tricks

men's shaving tips

In dry shaving, the main thing is to choose the right model of an electric shaver, get used to it, clean it regularly and change shaving parts in a timely manner.

To prepare for wet shaving, you need special men’s cosmetics:

  • gel
  • Foam or cream.

Some men have a fine tradition of using a shaving brush. What are its advantages:

  • The foam is whipped in two counts, it turns out plentiful and dense;
  • It spreads easily and evenly over the skin;
  • Pleasant sensations: on the cheeks – from a soft brush, on the soul – from the feeling of one’s own brutality and involvement in a truly masculine ritual.

Not everyone is ready to indulge in the art of traditional shaving every morning. The shaving brush and the straight razor are a cult, but there is not always time for a cult. Then the modern foam machine, presented on February 23rd, becomes the most valuable gift. Among cosmetic products for shaving, foam is the most popular. Lush, tender, like a whipped soufflé, lifts hairs and smells good.

How to Choose Foam? Men’s Shaving Tips

Consider your skin type. The classic remedy for normal skin can irritate sensitive skin. Take foam marked “sensitive” or “hypoallergenic”, read the composition, make sure that it does not contain mineral oils. If oil is contained, then it will be natural – olive, castor, corn, etc. The advantage will be the content of antiseptics: chamomile, aloe, and any anti-inflammatory extracts of flowers and herbs. Perfumes can also cause irritation.

Take the time to remove the lid and “taste” the aroma. The smell does not suit – shaving is neither pleasure nor sense. Check the dispenser, it should work properly.

You will be using the foam every day, so make sure the can is comfortable in your hand. Some manufacturers specially pack the product in packages of different sizes. A great option for those who often travel – a standard size can always lie on the shelf in the bathroom, and a container with a volume of half that can be thrown into a travel bag, now you know what to shave with for sensitive skin.

What to do after Best Shaving Techniques?

face shaving tips

The razor touches the top layer of the skin and removes dead skin cells. As a result, after shaving techniques for sensitive skin, it becomes clear, smooth, soft, and especially vulnerable. Infection can easily get into micro-wounds and enlarged pores, which are fraught with inflammation. To prevent trouble, wash with cold water immediately after shaving to help tighten pores.

Even obedient adherence to all directions may not protect you from irritation, so treat your skin after shaving. In choosing a product, again start from your type. Alcohol disinfects and disinfects, but causes dryness and irritation. For sensitive skin, choose a hypoallergenic formulation, with no or reduced alcohol content.

  • Vitamin F and natural extracts will protect you from inflammation.
  • Vitamin E softens and soothes.
  • Moisturizes natural oils (for dry skin).
  • Acts as an antiseptic salicylic acid (for oily skin).
  • Apply the cream on a dry surface, the lotion on a damp surface with light, patting movements.

The lotion should cause a slight tingling sensation, but not a burning sensation. If you are faced with such sensations, then the remedy is not suitable for you. Wash off immediately with water to avoid aggravating irritation.

Plunging into the past, I recall not only the cult method of shaving with a straight razor but also the treatment of leather with cologne. Having generously moistened their palms with them, the barbers patted the freshly shaven cheeks of their visitors. Today, it is still better to give preference to lotion or balm, since the cologne contains too much alcohol, that’s the answer to how to shave sensitive skin.

For the past few years, a beautiful, well-groomed beard has been at the peak of popularity, which influenced the massive opening of men’s hairdressing salons and enriched our vocabulary with the word “barbershop”. But don’t be afraid to deviate from trends if they don’t suit you, or you just don’t like them. A clean-shaven, strong-willed chin does not detract from male charisma. The main thing is not to forget to take care of the health and beauty of the skin.

How to Shave with T-Shave

best shaving method

With today’s popular multi-vane floating head machines, it’s simple. They applied a shaving agent, smoothly walked over the regrown areas of the face, rinsed with water, soothed the skin, and – you’re done.

The classic T-bar requires a proven technique, otherwise, it will be difficult to avoid skin injuries.

Skin Preparation

Well-hydrated skin in warm water becomes more pliable and the risk of injury is reduced. The best preparation is to spray warm water into your face when you shower. The skin is steamed, the pores expand, and elasticity appears. Wash with soap and water first. You will degrease your skin and let it moisturize as much as possible. You don’t need to wipe your face after showering.

A little advice. If you don’t have time to shower, use a waffle towel dampened with hot water. Squeeze it out and apply it to your face for a couple of minutes. This will be enough to prepare the skin.

Prepare the Foam

Soak a shaving brush in warm water for a few minutes. It is convenient to do this before showering. During this time, the bristles will be sufficiently damp.

To lather the soap, shake the shaving brush well, apply the soap, and beat the lather in a circular motion. While cooking, add a little water to achieve the desired consistency.

To lather the cream, you only need to shake the shaving brush lightly so that some water drips from it. Squeeze a 3-4 cm strip of cream into a bowl and beat for about 1 minute.

The foam is ready. Apply to moisturized skin and start shaving.

Working with the T-razor

Hold the machine by the end of the handle so that the blade does not apply moderate pressure to the skin. Did the car slip out? Do not touch the foam and be careful not to get it on the handle of the machine.

Determining the Angle of Touch

The angle of contact of the razor with the skin should be about 300. At the first acquaintance with the T-shaped machine, the contact angle is determined experimentally:

  • Touch the palm of the tool to your face so that the handle is facing the floor
  • smoothly move the handle up until you feel the touch of the blade on the skin
  • Make trial short moves on the car.

In this situation, the blade touched the face at an obtuse angle. This is how he scrapes the hairs, not shaves them off. Additional passes on the machine will be required, which will irritate the skin. The experiment continues:

  • Touch the surface of the skin with the lid of the instrument – the handle is parallel to the floor slowly lower it down until the blade touches the skin
  • Try to make very short strokes with light strokes.

Number of Passes

The optimal one is two. The foam should be applied to the skin before each pass to avoid injury. Cream, oil – you can do it once.
Never put pressure on the razor while shaving, especially if it is metal. The tool has enough own weight to move smoothly. After shaving, only the last skincare treatments remain. Now you have learned the complete guide on how to shave every day with sensitive skin, we hope this article will come in handy and help you.

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