Sergey Kovalev Is Ready To Get in the Ring With Jake Paul, I Will Knock Him Out

sergey kovalev jake paul

The former unified world light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev has announced his intentions to fight with popular video blogger Jake Paul. The 39-year-old athlete said that he is ready to knock Paul out. The battle will happen at any moment but first, the man has to have a recovery match.

Paul shared that the man he would fight with should have the famous brand. Frankly saying, Kovalev doesn’t have many followers on social networks but he definitely has the resume the man is looking for. To remind you, the next fight Kovalev will hold is with the representative of Bulgaria Tervel Pulev on May 14th.

American video blogger Jake Paul has 20,4 million subscribers. The man became famous due to his comedy sketches, vlogs, and songs. Before the sudden fame, Paul seriously wrestled and was going to make a career in the Navy.

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