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Hollywood Actress Sharon Stone Is Dating a Young Rapper, RMR | The Couple Had a Date

Sharon Stone with 25-year-old rapper RMR

What a surprise! Actress Sharon Stone is dating a rapper known as RMR. A couple has already been seen several times together at parties and in some popular nightclubs of Los Angeles. Last week, the lovers visited a nightclub where they were chatting, drinking, and dancing to hip-hop music on the dance floor.

Their sudden romance allegedly began a few months ago, and it seems that they enjoy each other’s company. The relationship of the stars can be traced in social networks. The hip-hop artist, who is 25 years old, has repeatedly liked the Hollywood actress, 63, on Instagram, and she, in turn, commented on several of his publications.

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RMR is a huge fan of Sharon’s film works, especially he loves the Casino film with her participation. The rapper has only recently started his career but has already become quite famous in the United States. The musician is very devoted to his stage image, and even in ordinary life does not appear in public without a balaclava and gold grills on his teeth. In addition, the identity of RMR is unknown, as the artist is hiding his real name.

The 63-year-old Basic Instinct star has been seen with the 25-year-old performer in various locations in Los Angeles. Last week, the couple visited public places and danced to hip-hop music, and last week appeared with him in two nightclubs in Los Angeles.

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