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Propose before or after Dinner? Make the Perfect Proposal for Your Girlfriend!

Agree, every man is nervous about proposing and wants to make sure that the woman doesn’t refuse them. Perhaps you, too, are now in such a situation. But there is nothing to worry about because we will help you make the most beautiful marriage proposal. In this article, we will answer frequently asked questions and help you create proposal ideas at a restaurant that will captivate every girl!

propose before or after dinner

How Long Does It Take a Man to Propose?

It is difficult to say when there would be that very moment when you can propose to a woman because everything is completely individual. The important thing here is to build on how you feel about this person.

Making an offer only after 3-4 months of your relationship would be too early, and there is a high risk that you may be refused. There is also no need to delay, because a woman may think that you are just dating her and aren’t planning anything more serious. So we can roughly see that it is better to take such a step after six months of a relationship when you already know the person more or less.

In addition, you shouldn’t make an offer if there is any doubt about your partner. In this case, try to refute them, having learned all the information personally, and move on to the proposal itself.

Should I Propose before or after Dinner?

When we have already become as confident as possible in our partner and begin to tune in to a new stage, questions arise about how to make it beautiful and unforgettable. Most often, men are interested in proposing before or after dinner. The question is very tricky and would also depend on how you want to make an offer.

If you understand that you would be very nervous and cannot hide it, it is unlikely that you would be able to sit for about an hour during the proposal dinner, before the main moment. So here it would be appropriate to make a declaration of love before dinner, and the banquet itself would be a small celebration of this event.

If you are sure that you can keep secret everything that has to be done after dinner, then feel free to do it. After that, you can immediately go home, where you can enjoy each other and rejoice at the onset of a new stage in life.

By the way, for creative men, the opportunity to make an offer during dinner is also suitable, but there are nuances here, which we will discuss a little later.

Restaurant Proposal Ideas

best time to propose

It’s time to discuss how to organize all this and do so that the proposal looks beautiful, touching, and can surprise a woman. We have collected some of the best dinner proposal ideas for you to choose one of them and make everything memorable, making it a reality:

  1. A very romantic option would be to propose live music. This may be a specially invited person who would play just for you. For example, you can choose someone who plays the piano, guitar, or saxophone beautifully. Dance to this romantic music during dinner, and at the right time, kneel and confess your feelings to the woman.
  2. If you have selected a restaurant with an incredible panorama of the sunset, then there cannot be a better moment than to propose when the sun begins to slowly lower. Just invite the girl to go out onto the terrace (or just closer to the window) and while she looks surprised at the beautiful landscape, get ready to get the ring. Call her and say those very important words. The girl would be in a pleasant shock without a doubt.
  3. When men think about how to propose at a restaurant, surely many of them imagine a picture when the ring is presented in food. Yes, that’s a cool idea. Dessert is most suitable for the embodiment of this idea. It is unlikely that a ring on a piece of perfectly fried steak would look aesthetically pleasing. And to make it more intriguing, ask to cover the dish with a lid until it is on the table next to the girl, after which the lid can be removed. It is also possible with a chocolate dome, where there is a dessert inside with a ring on the top (by the way, you can do this instead of the waiter).
  4. If you are having a romantic dinner, then you are probably toasting. So, in one of the following toasts, start saying the very words about the declaration of love, then take out the ring and present it to the girl. Here you won’t have to kneel, especially if you have a glass of drink in your hands. Do it at the table.

Features of Engagement Dinner at the Restaurant

how to propose at a restaurant

And so, we have already selected the best time to propose, and practically decided on how it would look. But that’s not all. Here are some additional tips to help you get as close as possible to preparing the perfect proposal:

How to Dress and What to Have with You?

Let’s take into account that you are visiting a restaurant, so your image should look very beautiful and stylish, and perhaps even a little formal. You can wear your favorite suit (not necessarily a solid color), or match the shirt with jeans. Put on shoes or classic boots, because sneakers won’t be entirely appropriate here. Comb your hair and make sure you smell good. In addition, you shouldn’t forget the good mood and confidence even from going out on a date from home. Don’t forget to take the ring, and also buy a bouquet that you can present with the ring.

Engagement Dinner Menu

You can pre-book a table and order several dishes, or you can do it together when you come to the restaurant itself. Don’t eat too much food. One appetizer would be enough, each with a main course and desserts. It is worth saying that we don’t advise you to put a ring in a champagne glass for the proposal. The ring can simply get lost in the color of the drink, and a woman can completely swallow it. Don’t get too drunk, but you don’t need to drink soft drinks at all. Alcohol can help you relieve stress in stressful situations and help you feel more confident.

What to Say before Proposing?

We think it won’t look very aesthetically pleasing if you simply take out the ring for no reason and present it to the girl. Say at least a few words about your feelings for her, and what you value in her and your relationship, after which you can already make a marriage proposal. We don’t recommend coming up with a speech that is too long, because a woman can get bored, and you would get tired of talking.

What Knee Do You Get Down On to Propose?

Everything would depend on how you sit at the table. If possible, of course, you need the ring to be in your closest hand to the girl. Simply put, if you stand to the left of the table or just in front of it, it is better than the ring is in your right hand, which means you have to kneel on the knee of your right foot, and also vice versa from the other side of the table.

If you are proposing at the table, then in which hand you hold the ring won’t make much sense. But in general, in earlier times it was believed that an artery passes in the left hand, which leads to the heart, from where the expression “marriage proposal” appeared. So if you can take advantage of this little rule.

What to Do Next?

engagement dinner menu

If you propose before dinner, then celebrate with a special dinner, after which you can head home, or you can take a little walk together. If you propose while eating, the scenario is the same. But despite everything, you don’t have to finish eating, you can immediately go to a place where no one can prevent you from being together at this special moment. The main thing is to pay for dinner. If you made an offer at the end of the dinner, you can immediately change the location to a more secluded one. You see, everything isn’t so difficult as it seemed at first glance. The main thing is to think over a clear plan in advance and choose a suitable idea from our list. If possible, also arrange with the establishment so that they can help in this extraordinary moment. Be confident in yourself, and that your woman would tell you that cherished “yes”. We are sure that proposing at a restaurant would be magical and unforgettable for both of you. Good luck and be happy together!

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