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Singer Ricky Martin Tried Himself in Unusual Styles While Shooting for Schon!’s Cover

Ricky Martin

A few weeks ago, singer Ricky Martin unexpectedly dyed his beard blond. Then everybody was thinking that he was going to film a new music video. But it turned out that at that moment he was filming for the cover of a new magazine. And now this new series of unexpected images has finally appeared. The star surprised all his fans and tried himself in several unusual styles.

In the recent digital cover for Schon! magazine, Martin looks like a fashion editor. He appeared in the 40th issue of Schon! due to their music release. In the cover image, the star is wearing vintage high-waisted jeans which were designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. In another photograph, he appears in a Jean-Paul Gaultier bust, as well as jeans, and a T-shirt.

In another shot from the set, the star is dining in tight pants made of leather and also a leather biker jacket. Under it, there is a shirt made of mesh and sequins.

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