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Sprezzatura in Men’s Wear: What Is It, Tips How to Look Exactly Like Italian, the Italian Men’s Colors


Carelessness Is Called Sprezzatura

In Italian, it is called sprezzatura, a carefully chosen negligence. In terms of style, this approach means as if you dressed without intent, wearing whatever came to hand. So if greasy italian man Italian has an unbuttoned button on his vest, tie without top button, cufflinks “from the wrong opera”, and a pocket square will fall out of his pocket, most likely, this is not the reason that he did not have enough time to get ready, or he was so “exhausted” for the whole day – he just knows: the devil is in the details and this can be very helpful.

The art of sprezzatura style is about not looking like you tried really hard and spent hours thinking about your outfit. Confidence is the basis, you should be comfortable in the clothes you are wearing. A simple rule – the brighter the image, the more self-confident you should be.

There is a huge difference between knowing the rules and breaking them, and not knowing the rules and breaking them. The first often characterizes a man who knows how to break the rules in order to give a special charm to his image. To define sprezzatura we can say that it is the ability to follow the rules of style, skillfully breaking several of them. Therefore, a thorough knowledge of your body type, personality, skin color, and even your current location is of paramount importance in achieving true style.

Such a concept as sprezzatura fashion appeared in the fashion industry quite recently. It is discussed all over the world and trying to understand the essence. If you literally translate this word from the Italian language, then it means negligence in clothing and in general in the image. Sprezzatura definition: Sprezzatura helps to add a special charm and slight negligence to a man’s image. No matter how this trend is now extra fashionable, it dates back to the 16th century. It was considered especially fashionable when a man did not look intentionally clean and tidy. This was his true masculine essence.

The specialty looks very stylish and bright in the images of show business stars, movie actors, showmen, and other representatives of the community of world celebrities who understand a lot about fashion and do their best to match it.

How to Dress Like an Italian Man?

sprezzatura style

It is a mistake to think that special clothes are not suitable for dandy men dressed in a classic style. Carelessness looks very gorgeous even in such images. For example, lightly worn lapels of jackets or deliberately old-fashioned ties with slightly loosened knots.

What Is Sprezzatura?

Specialists can also find themselves in shoes. Here the stylist’s imagination is limitless.

However, it should be added that the specialty is also good in moderation. A person with a true sense of style just gives out a subtle sense of proportion. If you overdo it with the effects of slovenliness, you will get the impression that the man is unkempt by himself and does not take care of himself.

Tips for Borrowing of Italian Sprezzatura Include the Following:

  • You can twist the tie or make the bottom end longer than the top.
  • The scarf in the breast pocket can be slightly crumpled.
  • You can also wrinkle the shirt, use a combination of a warm coarse knit sweater and rolled-up shirt cuffs over its sleeves.
  • The watch can be placed not on a bare wrist, but over the sleeve of a shirt.
  • Tie with the top button undone

Italian Casual Fashion: Classics are the Basis of Italian Style

Classics are something that you can always rely on in Italian fashion. Italian men always know how to successfully apply it in their everyday wardrobe.

One of the key trends of Italian men’s dress that we have continued to observe over the years is the fashion for Italian man dress in different shades. Beige is a versatile color, especially when a smooth transition from spring to summer is needed. The suit is beige, it is the personification of the spring-summer style and the color palette inherent in the warm season. Try wearing it with a blue shirt as the two go together really well. Combine this with a pair of brown shoes for a smart-casual look that matches all the canons of Italian streetwear 2017.

Color Scheme in Italian Men Street Style

italian men dress

When it comes to color combinations in Italian fashion, we continue to observe a certain pattern. They stick to a minimal palette of shades and prints that are incredibly versatile. Here is a list of the flowers that Italians love the most:

Dark Blue in Italian Street Fashion Men

Classic color regardless of the season. Dark blue plays a huge role in Italian style here too, and it is in suits of this color that numerous fashionistas can be seen at Pitti Uomo. It is classic and versatile, and perhaps there is no shade better than it.


This is probably not the tone you might see in your spring wardrobe. But by carefully studying the lessons of Italian casual wear, you can easily add a milky-cream-colored suit or blazer to the list of your favorite things. Single or double-breasted – one way or another, the choice is yours. Take the example of the Italians, they know a lot about how to create a truly unique masculine style.

The Black

Classic color regardless of the season or location. The versatility of black lies in its ideal ability to blend into both daytime and evening wear. By choosing a completely black Italian man outfit, you are unlikely to make any style mistakes in your bow.

Gray Is Favorite Color in Italian Men’s Style

Another favorite shade of Italian fashionistas, which has become the leading color in the world of menswear. Looking at men’s fashion shows from all over the world, you can see that gray plays an important role among the shades for elegant style clothing. Brands such as Berluti and Canali have demonstrated in their collections how varied and rich they can be.

How to Look like Italian Man?

Italian men are very confident in themselves. They do not even admit the thought that they may look bad or at least “not very” (and they, of course, do not look). This inner confidence literally shines through in everything they do. Gait, gestures, facial expressions, words, posture – looking at them, you can never say that these people are shy or afraid of something. They are not afraid to be bright, not afraid to experiment, not afraid to combine the incongruous. How do Italian men dress? They often allow themselves to wear something that, say, a German or a Frenchman would never dare. They just know how to do it very skillfully and naturally. Largely due to such courage and love of experimentation, Italian men almost always look elegant and unusual. However, at the same time, they always feel that thin line, beyond which festivity and cheerfulness ends and absurdity and tastelessness begin.

How to Dress Italian Man?

define sprezzatura


Details, as you know, make the image, so Italians, both men, and women, usually have more than one pair of glasses at home and choose them to match clothes with great care, based on the color scheme and general style. Wearing glasses in the dark or indoors is by no means bad manners, but quite a decent thing. But only if the glasses look like part of your look.

You need to choose a pair based on their features of the shape of the face. The more expensive the glasses are, the better they look. And the “left” not only spoil the appearance but also harm the eyes.

Hairstyle Is Important in Casual Italian Fashion

Italian men tend to have lush hair and rarely wear short hairstyles. They are also not afraid to dye or lighten their hair, do highlights, use a styling gel, and generally follow hairstyle fashion trends. However, even if you happen to go bald, this is not at all a reason to give up positions, because there is still a beard and mustache that can level the lack of hair on the skull.


In shoes, Italians are quite traditional. These are all classic models: oxfords, derbies, monks, brogues, Chelsea, chukka, deserts. There are just a couple of nuances: Italians are more likely to choose browns and blues, giving less attention to conservative blacks than the British. Well, the weather itself makes the lion’s share of the time to walk in slip-on and topsides.


Headdresses – hats and eight-piece caps, as well as traditional Sicilian Coppola caps, in which local Mafiosi and Adriano Celentano loved to walk, would not be superfluous. Do not forget: Italy is the country of the sun, therefore, they are an integral attribute. And only the Italian sun justifies the raised polo collar: yes, it is needed to save the back of the head from the rays, and not to show all the girls in the area who the alpha male is. Well, two or three unbuttoned top buttons of the shirt – in the same place.

Details : Sprezzatura Meaning

The devil of Italian style is in the details: it’s not enough to buy the right clothes – you still need to be able to wear them. They even have a special word – la sprezzatura. This is when you look stylish and at the same time at ease, as if you took the first thing you came across from the closet. See how casually they tie the scarves. Since the 16th century, this word denoted the ability of the courtiers to look great, not overly bothering about the completeness of the image. And they even wear ties in their own way, lowering the narrow end below the wide one and not putting it into the loop of the wide end so that both parts of the tie dangle freely.

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