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Stockholm’s Arena Was Named after the Late Swedish DJ Avicii to Focus on Mental Health

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Avicii Arena- is a new name of the concert venue which is located in Stockholm. The Stockholm arena was named after the late Swedish DJ Avicii, who passed away in 2018. Now Avicii’s father wants this place to be a home for all young people who can exchange ideas as well as attend events but with a focus on mental health.

The musician Tim Bergling (his real name) committed suicide being at the age of 28. His father said his son’s story caused controversy over mental health. Therefore, he hopes that naming the venue after his son will raise awareness of such an issue. In addition, he added that the place played a big role in Tim’s career, where he was performing nine years ago.

Previously, the indoor complex was called Ericsson Globe, and before that Stockholm Globe Arena. But now the concert venue located in the capital of Sweden and designed for 16,000 spectators, will be called Avicii Arena. The CEO of the company that manages the arena said the pandemic situation has provoked mental health problems in society. So, now it is a perfect time to rename the place where the music business and society, in general, come to rest and gain strength.

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