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Interesting Facts about the Maximum Alcohol Content in Beer: What Alcohol Percentage in Beer

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In 1994, the double beer “Fetter 33” (Vetter 33 from Vetter’s Alt Heidelberger Brauhaus) hit the Guinness Book of Records as the highest alcohol content beer. This copy went to the Germans in 10.5% of the fortress. But at the beginning of the new century, this record was broken by the Austrian “Semiklaus” (Samichlaus from Вrauerei Hürlimann) with 11% alcohol content (later the brewers invented and brought the strength to 14%), and the Czech “X-BEER 30” (from U Medvídků) 11.8% ABV To increase commercial beer with the highest alcohol content, brewers start using champagne yeast and freeze the water.

From 2009 to 2014, a real race for the world’s strongest beer unfolded!

American beer Samuel Adams Utopia was the first to cross the 25% alcohol threshold.

Behind them, the Schorschbroy brewers brewed an eisbock with a strength of 31%, which at that time was considered the strongest beer in the world. Broodog brewed a 32% Tactical Nuclear Penguin and took the lead over Shorshboy. The latter jumped up and gave out beer with a strength of 40%!

The Strongest Beer in the USA

The most potent beer was chosen by the masters of the American brewery Boston Beer Company. The strength of this drink can only be compared with the strength of a wine. Thus, the alcohol content in regular beer does not exceed 4%, which is six times less than in the new product of American brewers.

There is only one similar beer in the world called Samuel Adams Utopias, the strength of which is about 25% and which is one of the most expensive drinks in its class. The new beer, produced in the USA, costs just a few dollars more than Samuel Adams Utopias at $101.

According to the head of the brewing company Jim Koch, the new strongest craft should appeal not only to true connoisseurs of this drink but also to all lovers of drinking a couple of mugs in good company.

List of the Highest Alcohol Beer, Starting with “Lightest”

Shorshbok 40 | 40% | The price with beer has sunk into oblivion

highest alcohol content beer

(Schorschbock 40 from Schorschbräu, Germany)

Hard beer, which is comparable in strength to vodka.

Spirit of Christmas | 40%

strongest beer

(Esprit de Noel from Baladin, Italy)

You can try, but only in Italy. Recommended for real connoisseurs who like to feel the rich taste and elegance of beer.

Sink Bismarck | 41%

high alcohol beer

(Sink the Bismark from BrewDog, Scotland)

According to the manufacturer, this IPA quadrupel contains four times more hops than traditional high alcohol beer, four times the bitterness, and is frozen four times. The name refers to the Anglo-German battles of the Second World War (Bismarck is a German battleship).

Shorshbok 43 | 43%

alcohol percentage in beer

(Schorschbock 43 from Schorschbräu, Germany)

Technically, the drink is actually a beer, the strongest beer ever, which surpasses many standard spirits by degrees. Everything is clean during production: only barley malt, hops, and water is taken. But brewed regular beer is frozen 15 times, and excess water is removed, as a result of which the degree rises. When the beer first hit the market, the brewers said they had reclaimed the maximum alcohol content in the beer title.

Obilix | 45%

strongest beer in the world

(Obilix from ‘T Koelship, Netherlands)

Inspired by the competition between Schorshbra and Brudog, the Dutch created their own version of the strongest beer. Some point out that the taste of beer can be described as “liquid muffin”, while others compare it to cough syrup.

End of the story | 55%

highest abv beer

(End of history from BrewDog, Scotland)

Only 12 bottles were produced, packed in stuffed ermines and squirrels! The name American beer with the highest alcohol content is a reference to a publication by Francis Fukuyama. But perhaps this is an ironic hint that End of Story was the first and last super-strong beer from Brudog. And the taste of beer is said to be brewed in Scotch whiskey.

Shorshbok 57 | 57%

world's strongest beer

(Schorschbock 57 from Schorschbräu, Germany)

According to brewers, this is the maximum percentage of alcohol that can be obtained without violating the Reinheitsgebot (500-year German Code for the Purity of Hops). Hence, this means that the most alcoholic beer is brewed in Germany and that the brewery is out of the international race. By the way, Shorshbroy pours his strong men exclusively into ceramics.

Start the future | 60%

beer with highest alcohol content

(Start the Future by ‘T Koelship, Netherlands)

The Dutch brew this in response to the Scots’ End of History.

Armageddon | 65%

strongest beer in usa

(Armageddon from Brewmeister, Scotland)

The brewery itself just opened in 2012 and, as they say, the first pancake is lumpy: Armageddon received good reviews but did not contain the declared 65%, so it quickly disappeared from the shelves.

Snake Venom | 67.5%

most alcoholic beer

(Snake Venom from Brewmeister, Scotland)

To rehabilitate, brewers create almost a real poison and recommend drinking no more than 35 ml at a time! To achieve the highest abv beer, in addition to brewer’s yeast and well-done malt, champagne yeast is added. The drink has undergone repeated freezing, but rumor has it that it was not without whiskey.

The Secret of Beer | 70%

what is the strongest beer

(Mystery of beer from ‘T Koelship, Netherlands)

The label proudly states that it is Beer with the highest alcohol content. But the attitude towards it is ambiguous since some sources indicate that the drink is a mixture of beer and whiskey, like the previous varieties from this manufacturer (by the way, ‘T Koelschip was designated as a brewery and distillery). However, in any case, not everyone will dare to try such an explosive mixture.

We would like to note that in the race for the alcohol content of the beer list, manufacturers had to sacrifice taste and their favorite foam, so you can try such beer – but carefully, and be ready for a completely non-alcoholic drink that can knock you off your feet even after a couple of sips. According to reviews, as a rule, these are rather dense liqueur drinks, the taste can be very sweet or bittersweet, but the taste of beer is secondary, alcoholic burning notes are primary here.

What’s the World’s Strongest Beer, Based on Percentage in Alcohol by Volume?

what beer has the most alcohol

Beer can be safely called the most famous alcoholic beverage in the world. In addition, it ranks third (after water and tea) in popularity among the inhabitants of the planet. In some countries, its use is much more common than, for example, wine. These countries are Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Finland, Poland, and Belgium. Residents of the Czech Republic, leading in this list, according to statistics, consume 159.3 liters per year (per capita). In other states from this list, the volume ranges from 81 liters. (Belgium) up to 109.6 liters. (Germany). Over the many years of the existence of the drink, many amazing stories have accumulated about it. This article will discuss many unknown, interesting facts about beer.

So, Interesting Facts about Beer:

  1. Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world. It is believed to have appeared in the Neolithic era (9500 BC).
  2. The strongest beer in the world is “Snake Venom” from the Scottish producer Brewmeister. This drink contains 67.5 alcohol percentage in beer (for comparison, regular beer has an alcohol content of about 5%).
  3. The most expensive beer, according to the latest data, is the Australian ale Antarctic Nail Ale, which is based on water from the Antarctic (the ice was brought by the researchers of the Sea Sheperd expedition). The manufacturer Nail Brewing Australia has created a small batch (30 bottles). The first copy was purchased for $800, and the last one for $1850. Interestingly, all the proceeds from the sale were sent to a charity fund that rescues Antarctic marine animals from poaching.
  4. There is even a phobia associated with the use of this Beer alcohol content: sonoselicaphobia – the fear of an empty glass of beer.
  5. Probably many have heard of the annual Munich fair called Oktoberfest. This is the largest folk festival in the world and is also called the largest beer festival. It is attended by a huge number of people who come from different parts of the world to Germany to enjoy the abundance of drinks of different brands. It is noteworthy that only local breweries are allowed to participate in the holiday: for this, they brew Oktoberfest beer (5.8-6.3%).
  6. The “frothy head” on beer is an important part of the drink. Its presence speaks of a decent quality of alcohol, otherwise, your beer will turn out to be tasteless and exhausted. Although in the southern part of England, beer without foam is appreciated.
  7. The hops used in the brewing industry are from the same family of flowering plants to which marijuana belongs.
  8. As history says, professional brewers were women for whom this occupation was very honorable. For example, in ancient times in Peru, only ladies of noble blood and indescribably beautiful women could work in this industry.
  9. This is the strongest beer in the USA, which contains a lot of silicon, and allows calcium and other minerals to “stay” from the bone, according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Another magazine, the American Journal of Epidemiology, reports that beer can reduce the risk of kidney stones in middle-aged men. However, it is worth remembering that the drink can only bring any benefits with moderate use and know what beer has the most alcohol!
  10. The oldest brewery in the world is Weihenstephan. It appeared back in 1014! The company is located in Germany near Munich, namely: in Freising, in the monastery of St. Stefan. It is interesting that with her there is the Academy of Beer, which is quite authoritative and respected in its field.

Now you know what is the strongest beer and what beer has the highest alcohol content thanks to our article.

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