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Turtlenecks with Suits: What Combinations Are Great for Every Man?

Today, a turtleneck and blazer has long been considered a basic wardrobe detail and is found in almost every man’s closet. If you don’t have one yet, fall is a great time to try this comfy and warm sweater. We just decided to show you that the suit with a turtleneck and sneakers is really stylish now, as well as what to wear under a suit jacket.

Are Turtlenecks in Style?

The simple answer is YES. A turtleneck is just a universal thing that every man should have in his wardrobe. It would perfectly fit into various situations: for a walk, a date, work, official events, and even in winter in a cold season. Plus, it can be combined with anything. For example, the most common and modern solution today is a turtleneck with blazer men, but these are far from all combinations. We will tell you some of them later.

At a time when you no longer wear a simple T-shirt, and it is still hot for a jacket, a turtleneck would be the perfect solution, even if you often visit business meetings, offices, and other events.

If you don’t like to wear layers of clothing in winter and it makes you feel like cabbage, then this item of clothing is also suitable here. Due to the fact that it completely adheres to the body, it doesn’t take up much space under outerwear. Plus, because of the high neckline, you don’t have to wear scarves as your neck would be covered.

Mock Neck vs Turtleneck

Turtleneck outfit

If you think that there is no difference between these elements of clothing, then you are a little mistaken. We have told you the details and main features of the turtleneck, so now let’s talk about the mock neck. This is a more casual and slightly sporty option that is suitable for walking, in the form of home clothes, or for sports. They don’t have such a high neckline and the cut is also different. You can often find semi-fitted models, or oversized ones, which are also in vogue now.

Mock Neck outfit

It is clear that the mock neck can also be worn for different styles and combinations. But even so, you cannot wear such a jacket for work or an official event, even if there is a jacket on top. It just won’t look aesthetically pleasing. Better to pair it in a sporty style, with cardigans, or just nice jeans or sweatpants.

Therefore, the choice between these types of sweaters would only depend on your personal preferences and needs. If you go to work more often than on walks, then choose a turtleneck. If you prefer a more sporty style in your everyday look, then choose a mock neck. Or even get both in your wardrobe. However, we believe that a turtleneck is a more versatile piece of clothing that is easier to combine with different things. But which ones, for example?

What to Wear Turtlenecks With?

Many men, as we have already said, want and love to combine turtlenecks with suits or other things, but it doesn’t always look really stylish and suitable. We decided to help you figure it out. And so, here are our turtleneck suit ideas that would never go out of style:

Wear Separately

The biggest plus in a turtleneck is that it looks stylish with or without outerwear or other elements. That is, you can simply wear a turtleneck, combined with jeans or dress pants. Here you can play with textures and pick up something more interesting than the classic monochromatic version (but by the way, it would look very cool too). Even a knitted pattern will not look too textured here. It is just perfect for everyday bows. In addition, you can choose from different materials, such as cashmere, wool, or others. In colder seasons – a warm turtleneck made of natural materials would be just right. If you know that later you will be indoors, it is better to put on a T-shirt under the bottom, because it will be hot to sit in a turtleneck.

Turtleneck with Jacket

Turtleneck with Jacket for men outfit

We are sure if you are a man who is often in offices or at formal events, you are thinking about how to dress up in a suit. In fact, there can be hundreds of combinations, so it would be impossible to name exactly the proper way to wear a suit jacket. Nevertheless, the dress code of special events has undergone some changes, and to appear in the evening in a chic suit and turtleneck is no longer bad manners, but a sign of good taste. If ties aren’t yours, then for a holiday or an evening ceremony you can afford to combine a turtleneck shirt with a suit. The secret of the perfect look, in this case, is in the textures.

A turtleneck shouldn’t be flashy and eye-catching, especially in a turtleneck formal outfit. Take a black fine knit. The material of the suit can be any, but dense – velvet, jacquard, brocade. Choose contrasting shades for your turtleneck with suit jacket, don’t be afraid to experiment with prints. Monophonic trousers will look interesting, possibly matching a turtleneck, and a bright jacket – bottle-green, golden, with a print. A black total look is best avoided, as the entire outfit can appear dusty under artificial lighting.

What to wear with a suit jacket yet? If you are just going on a date or a walk, then choose a turtleneck with a blazer and jeans. It looks very cool too. The main thing is to choose the right jeans. In addition, it is important to choose the right color scheme for jeans, so that there isn’t too much contrast between the elements of clothing.

Under the Shirt

Under the Shirt turtleneck suit men

A great alternative to the classic suit with a turtleneck. This variation is reminiscent of the seventies’ playboy style. For a turtleneck, wear a shirt of a completely different shade. For example, a black, gray, or navy turtleneck and a white or beige shirt. Go to the office in the form of a formal turtleneck outfit or for a not too formal meeting in a turtleneck and a shirt with a classic collar, buttoned up with all but two buttons. A plaid shirt may work too, but more for a casual option. So if you prefer this print, you can try to combine these elements of clothing. The main thing is that they are combined in color.

Turtleneck with Sports Jacket or Jumper

Layering is back in vogue. It is very cool and warm, which is important during the cold season. Therefore, we certainly recommend that you try a new turtleneck with a cardigan or blazer. Here you can experiment with different cutouts such as round or V-neck. In any case, combined with a high neckline, it would look very cool. Also, in addition to a cardigan and a turtleneck, you can wear a shirt if you need a more formal style. Also note that if the outerwear has a rough structure, then the turtleneck should be simple and not made of a coarse nap so that everything does not look too heavy. You can experiment with colors.

Turtleneck Accessories

turtle neck with chain for men

To completely complement and complete the image, of course, you need to choose accessories. Although a turtleneck is a versatile thing, choosing the right accessory would be a little more difficult. This applies to color, texture, body location, and other parameters. We’ve found the right fittings to suit different styles and situations. Here are a few of them:

  1. Considering the current trends in the fashion world, now it will be cool to combine the turtleneck with a suit and chain. This is a youthful solution that will give you brutality. It should be understood that it is better to vibrate the chains of a suitable color for the clothes (but it is better still silver). You can wear the chain around your neck as standard. The main thing is that it isn’t too massive and rude. You can also use a chain by attaching it to your belt so that it hangs over your hip. This option is more suitable for informal events, walks, dates.
  2. Let’s discuss the turtleneck and tie. It would look good with a shirt on top of the turtleneck. You can choose either a standard tie in a matching color or a bow tie. This, too, will look cool for work, formal meetings, or dates. But still, if you are only in a turtleneck, it won’t look very appropriate. If you choose a cowboy tie, then you would get straight to the point, because even after so many years, this accessory would remain in fashion. It is better to choose one that won’t merge with the toddler, but only emphasize and complement it with your presence.
  3. Well, where would we be without watches and bracelets? The choice of wrist accessories here is simple and versatile. You can choose your favorite watches and bracelets, even in a sporty style – it would look very brutal and stylish. So there are no restrictions here.
  4. For colder periods, it may be appropriate to wear a scarf. Choose scarves that aren’t very fluffy and more classic ones with a not very bright pattern. If in your style everything is monochromatic, then you can choose either a monochromatic scarf or a multicolored one with an interesting texture.

We are sure that our tips and ideas were able to show you how to dress up a turtleneck. We recommend that you have 2-3 classic turtlenecks so that you can combine them with different things. Also, it is best to have a suit with a mock neck or other classic suit, jeans and other clothes so that everything can be cool with each other. In this case, a men’s turtleneck and blazer look would always look stylish and cool.

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