Euphoria Star Sydney Sweeney Has Finally Repaired Her 1969 Ford Bronco

sydney sweeney ford bronco

The popular actress from Euphoria continues to conquer fans with her skills. If you thought that girls are not interested in repairing cars, then Sidney Sweeney will successfully dissuade you. The girl visited the eBay Motors auto parts show in New York, where she presented a self-restored 1969 Ford Bronco SUV.

For fans of the American actress, such a passion for the girl did not come as a surprise. Sydney has shown her hobby in TikTok videos more than once and also talked about it in interviews.

euphoria star sydney sweeney ford bronco

Unlike most celebrities and movie stars, Sweeney didn’t buy flashy expensive supercars and decorate them in the most ridiculous way.

On her TikTok page, titled Syds_Garage, she posted several videos of her work with a 1969 Ford Bronco. For example, the February 19 video shows her driving a red car. Since then, she has been sharing with fans short clips of the restoration work she does herself.

sydney sweeney ford bronco

Replacing suspension components, and related repairs, finishing the bottom from rust, and even replacing the transmission- all this she does without help.

In one of the videos, Sweeney says that she always wanted to restore cars herself. Apparently, the inspiration came after she rented a classic Bronco for her 22nd birthday, which led to her purchasing her own and literally diving into its restoration.

sydney sweeney ford bronco 1969

Interestingly, you can also see a classic Ford Mustang in the actress’s garage. Apparently, after work on the Bronco is completed, it will be its turn for modernization.

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