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Tabasco Brand Officially Revealed Barbecue Sauces with New Spicy Tastes

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Tabasco company officially presents its first line of barbecue sauces. This summer, just in time for the grilling season, the well-known and beloved brand called Tabasco, surprises us with a new taste of the familiar sauce. In the famous hot barbecue sauce, they decided to bring some additional changes. The classic American BBQ sauce will be presented in four new flavors, ranging from mild to very spicy in taste.

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Each of the sauces can be used for marinade or simply for your everyday diet. Whether it’s the family’s favorite chicken wings recipe or you just want to diversify the menu, Tabasco brings you the freshest and most unusual flavors. You will definitely love it and want more. Tabasco BBQ sauces are now available, each priced at 5 dollars.

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