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Taste of Luxury. The Most Expensive Whiskey

most expensive whiskey

Even if you think that there is nothing in the world that can impress you anymore, still there are some things that can. The most expensive scotch whiskey! Do you know what’s the most expensive whiskey in the world? And this thing is Whiskey, but not just average but very costly whiskey!

It is a special Whiskey Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve line with the 63-year-old Pagoda Sapphire Reserve, priced at £ 23,783 in a design bottle. The most expensive whiskey!

The whiskey is available in two different versions. The first is a limited silver edition which comes in two formats: 700 ml cost is £ 23,783 – 170 bottles and 63 bottles 1.5 liter cost is£ 50,964. The second version is the “gold edition” only 45 bottles 1.5 litter whisky and their cost is £ 56,060. It’s the world’s most expensive whiskey!

The bottles were made of 30% crystal, handcrafted, with the year stamped on each bottle and with 36 sapphires. An amount of 11,000 dark blue sapphires were ordered. It’s the most expensive bottle of scotch.

The design is made with symbols of Chinese guardian lions in dark blue engraved to match the color of sapphires and blue crystal cork in the shape of a pagoda.

Scott Davidson, Director of New Product Development at Glencairn, commented that they are very proud of their work on the Glenfarclas Pagoda series. That it was a pleasure to work on this project as it gave them the opportunity to include precious gems in their bottles for the first time and each bottle is a unique masterpiece. This is for sure the most luxury whiskey you have ever tried!

And Here Are 5 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know about Whiskey

expensive whiskey list

Replaces Hand Sanitizer

The China South Morning Post reports that an 80 percent alcohol formula was proposed by WHO, drawing on experience with infection control, but not on coronavirus research. However, when they made a research, it turned out that the effect of a 30% alcohol solution is quite comparable to the effect of the WHO formula.

This means that whiskey, with an average alcohol content of 40%, in an emergency situation will perfectly cope with the task of destroying SARS- CoV-2, which causes the COVID 19 coronavirus. You can buy for instance, not so very expensive whiskey can use as a sanitizer!

Reduces the Risk of Dementia

I’m sure that there were such days that you were so drunk that you couldn’t remember what happened to you the day before, so this study will be hard for you to believe.

But scientists at the National Center for Biotechnology Information made the conclusion that drinking one to six drinks a week may reduce the risk of dementia more likely than quitting alcohol altogether.

Helps with Sore Throat

A well-known recipe in Britain to cure your sore throat: whiskey, warm water and honey. The alcohol in the whiskey which acts as an antiseptic and pain reliever, and the honey creates a layer of coating that prolongs the healing effect. You can gargle, sip, or both.

Whiskey Cures Colds

Hot Toddy is the traditional cold treatment in Foggy Albion. Unlike other home remedies, its use has a scientific basis. The ingredients in this hot winter cocktail have the certain features of pharmaceutical mucolytic: whiskey dilates blood vessels, and honey, lemon and herbal tea have aesthetic properties and can thin mucus.

And especially when you will drink expensive single malt scotch, then you will cure much faster!

Helps Digestion

Whiskey was a good way to digest food in many cultures and countries for centuries. After a heavy meal one after-dinner drink may be just what you need to digest your meal in a pleasant way.

Now you know the most expensive bottle of scotch and how you can also use a Whiskey in your life, not just enjoy its taste but cure as well. Make your day better with a good company and with old warm friends, Whiskey! It can be Whiskey Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve with sapphire or just simple and not so expensive whiskey either way it is just a drink, main thing is with whom you are drinking this amber drink!

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