The Rock Band Foo Fighters Announced the Repeal of the Tour After Hawkins’s Death

taylor hawkins died

American rock band Foo Fighters announced the repeal of their upcoming tour. One of the members of the band, a 50-year-old drummer, passed away over the weekend at a hotel in Bogota. The musicians described it as an incredible loss. The artists also added that they feel disappointed that they wouldn’t meet with their fans as planned. The band made a post on social media that proposed to better take this time to grieve, heal, and remember all the music they have made together.

Initial toxicology tests revealed that Hawkins had traces of drugs in his system but it wasn`t proved that it became the cause of his death. To be honest, we can`t be sure that the band will continue into the future without their drummer, who has played with Foo Fighters for 25 of the band`s 28 years to date.

So, what do you think about the cancellation? Do you like the band’s music? Leave your comments below the article!

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