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Tell Me Who Is Your Pet and I Will Tell Who You Are

men with cat

Have you ever noticed that many owners are like their pets? This is no coincidence based on zoo sympathy, conclusions can tell a lot about a person

Interesting that the one who chooses dogs is the brave one and those who choose cats are smart one.

The cat is the closest friend, the second “I” of the owner, so if someone does not like the cat, then this person does not like its owner. Usually ladies own cats, which is quite obvious, as these animales harmoniously combine the benefits of both sexes. Such women are beautiful and intelligent, feminine and agile, efficient and effective, pretty and persistent in achieving their goals.

But what about men? Independent, serious, brutal and solid man has a tender animal which is completely not common in the male world. But it’s not so! In recent research more and more often men like to have this fluffy creature in their life.

A man who loves cats recognizes a woman’s right to be independent. But a bachelor with a cat is a completely self-sufficient person, and it takes a lot of strength to win his heart. Hatred of cats can mean hatred of the entire female sex. There is even a term in psychology “cat phobia”, scientifically – ailurophobia. Ladies, who despise cats, deep down, do not treat themselves well, and cat-phobic men do not really love women.

men with his pet

Many men do not hide their deep sympathy for cats at all, they are really into cats. Moreover, their relationship with cats is markedly different from each other in addition to their great affection for them.

If you look closely at male cat owners, it has been observed that they treat the cat like a lady, if not like the British queen herself. Cats’ opinion is taken into account and even respected, their whims are taken into account and do not cause irritation.

Even if the cat behaves badly or naughty, the man finds an excuse for the cat and, moreover, accuses himself for not paying enough attention to her, so the little kitty was offended! For the sake of her purr and feline tenderness, he is ready to rush for his favorite kitty delicacy, even if he falls off his feet after work. Somehow even jealousy wakes up.

If man has a cat, then this is his friend and comrade. They may even have common interests and topics of conversation. Cat will always be gentle and happy to meet its owner and in some way to heal his inner health with warmth and purr.

men travelling with cat

Like a cat, a man will forgive a cat for everything or almost everything, at least for the owner’s sandwich stolen from the table. They are even in some way similar cats and men, and not only in appearance, but also in habits. Take a look closer at their gait, looks, wallowing on the couch, master’s habits. They even have a similar “muzzle” expression.

By the way, many famous people were simply burning with a passion for cats. Ernest Hemingway kept a good one and a half hundred cats, and Stephen King even described his favorite pets in his works. Cardinal Richelieu enjoyed the company of a dozen cats, for whom he showed far more companionship than anyone else. The great designer Giorgio Armani is also known as a great connoisseur of cats.

There is an opinion among psychologists and experts in family relationships, that a man who has got a cat is ready for marriage and family relationships, he literally craves them! And first try to take a place in his heart and in the house of this “sweet couple”.

And bottom the line! Having these amazing and healing pets you will be a loverboy for most women, there is a hidden hint for them if a man has a cat he will for sure be a gentle, soft and kind person. If men can treat good cats this means he knows how to treat the right woman. Cats and women have something in common, aren’t they?

So, don’t hesitate and find a fluffy friend if you still don’t have one you won’t definitely regret.

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