Tesla Stopped Including Its Mobile Connector in New Vehicles, Now It Costs $200

tesla mobile connectors

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk has announced that the company will no longer include mobile connectors in its new vehicles. From this point, the accessory will cost $200. From the very beginning, Musk said the price of $400 but after a big range of complaints, he made a $75 reduction in the cost of the cable to $200.

To remind you, the mobile connector comes with an adapter that allows drivers to charge their vehicles from a standard household outlet when other adapters can be purchased separately.

The man also said that Tesla would make it easier to order a mobile plug when buying a car, and urged customers to install a wall charger well in advance of their car’s arrival.

Of course, you can charge your car at home or at the charging station but the current accessory is very comfortable on different trips, in those areas where there is no opportunity to connect the car to a standard socket.

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