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The American Popular Rapper Kanye West Changed His Name and Is Preparing To Be a Homeless

Kanye West is homeless

The Los Angeles court has approved Kanye West`s request about the changing of the name. From this point, the American popular rap performer`s name is Ye. He also refused his surname. The artist didn’t comment on anything, just noted that the decision was made due to personal reasons. The first mention of the name change happened in 2018 when the rapper released his new album Ye. And the last time West used to appear in society in a strange mask.

Kanye West is one of the most famous and demanded hip-hop performers. He has never been afraid of making loud statements. He always figured in great scandals. That was his distinctive feature.

The most shocking news was that he announced about becoming homeless. All his statements and the properties the singer wants to remake to the churches. Special communities for the people in need. It will look like accommodation for artists. The affordable food and free entrance.

A few days ago, the man gave an interview where he mentioned that the death of Kanye West is just an opportunity for society to find a place for God in their hearts. The public`s love forced the media person to restrain himself in actions. He always had to be a person with whom people fall in love. But the most important thing for Kanye is to save the freedom of being himself.

So what do you think about the performer`s decision? Do you support the artist’s choice?

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