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The Battle Between McGregor and Poirier Was Stopped: The Irishman Broke the Leg

McGregor Broke His Leg

On July 11, UFC 264 took place in Las Vegas. The main event of the evening was the confrontation between Irish fighter Conor McGregor and American Dustin Poirier. And this time, the Irishman was desperate to gain a victory. The last time McGregor scored a significant win was in 2016 when he showed the best result of his career and finished with Eddie Alvarez in the second round.

After Poirier’s victory in January 2021, McGregor wanted revenge. Then, Dustin won a victory over McGregor, which no one else in MMA had achieved before- by knockout.

That’s why McGregor returned to the Octagon to fight an American athlete. And he seemed more desperate than ever before. On his side was the audience, which booed Poirier when he appeared. McGregor started fighting aggressively but their battle didn’t last long. But after the Irish fighter missed four hits in one attack, everything went not exactly how he had planned. The Irishman started the fight aggressively and everything went according to his plan until he missed four hits in one attack. Only a few seconds remained until the end of the first round, McGregor fell and was unable to continue his fight with Poirier due to an ankle fracture. After being examined by a doctor, it was decided to stop the fight. Conor McGregor left the gym on a stretcher. Thus, Dustin Poirier won by technical knockout. Now he has 28 wins in 35 battles.

Later, the 32-year-old Irishman, who underwent surgery on his leg, thanked the fans, adding that his opponent’s victory is fake. Earlier on Thursday, McGregor threw bottles of Poirier’s signature hot sauce, pointing some at Poirier himself. He also tried to kick Poirier a night before the fight. The guard restrained him, but the blow in the leg still reached the target.

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