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The Best Game Controllers for Android

Most games are developed for consoles, and then they are adapted for PC or phones. Lovers of applications in the genre of shooters, racing, fights, aircraft, and space simulators will find it difficult to fully control the process with the touch buttons. The best Android controller that connects to the smartphone with a cable or USB-interface helps to facilitate the control of the game. Based on feedback from gamers, the best android gamepads were selected for the rating. Analyzing the comparative tests of the presented models will simplify the choice of the manipulator.

The Best Mobile Game Controllers

The smartphone market is 86% filled with devices with an operating system, which was developed by Android, Inc. Therefore, most game controllers are produced for such models of phones. If the gamepad is compatible with your gadget, there will be no problems with the launch of games. The best controllers for android are usually equipped with a special lock, which facilitates the attachment to the smartphone, increases the comfort of use in the game.

Xiaomi Black Shark Game Handle

best controller for phone

The best Bluetooth controller for android is released in black and attached to the top of the smartphone. The body is made of plastic, the backside is rubberized, which eliminates the formation of sweat on your fingers in a long game. In the upper left corner, there are 2 main buttons – bumper and trigger. The first button is responsible for the basic functions or opening the menu, the second provides quick access to control the basic actions in the game. In the center, there is a stick, which is highlighted on a circle in green. The source of power is the battery.

Artplays AC55

best bluetooth controller android

This best android game controller can be used not only for the phone but also for PC. The source of power, like the previous nominee, is its own battery. The device is equipped with a special stand to which the smartphone is attached. It is convenient to place models with a diagonal of 5-6 inches. The nominee is equipped with 7 buttons, 2 mini-joysticks, and a crosshead. The manufacturer copied their location from the Xbox models.

Razer Raiju Mobile

best smartphone controller

Experts believe that the price of the best mobile controller is due not only to the brand but also to many features. There are 2 connection modes in the gamepad – via Bluetooth and USB cable. It can memorize 2 wireless devices simultaneously. The design provides 2 sticks, 4 additional petals, crosses, 2 bumpers, 2 triggers. The function includes vibration response, which increases the realism of the action.

Ipega PG-9023

best android controller

The best Bluetooth game controller for android is compatible with any OS. Gamers can use it for smartphones or PCs. It can be connected to 5-10 inch phones due to its sliding design. There are no width restrictions, as the stop under the phone is located only in the bottom part. On the backside, there is a lock, which tightly fixes the gadget. On the right side, there are 8 buttons on the left side – 3 keys and a cross.

Gamevice GV156

best android game controller

The device is compatible with smartphones Apple 6 models and above, the exception is the device series X. Sliding design gamepad allows you to conveniently fix phones option Plus, which is 20 mm longer. On the right side of the nominee are 4 action buttons, the pause key, and stick, on the left side – the cross, mini-joystick. The presence of an audio jack provides easy conversion of the controller into a game console.

Baseus Red-Dot Mobile Game Scoring Tool

best android gamepad

Inexpensive game joystick for your Android or iOS phone with a width of 6.5 to 8.5 cm. It consists of 2 independent controllers, which are individually mounted on the end of the smartphone with adjustable clips. This ensures its comfortable position in the hands of the game. The body is made of black or transparent ABS plastic. In the first case, the buttons are red, in the second case – black.

Crown Micro Cmg-760

best controller for android

The universal joystick allows you to connect wirelessly to most smartphones. The device is shaped like a remote control with a stick on the top and 4 buttons on the bottom. Two of them assume the switch of the device to a specific gadget OS. In the center, there is a switch on the key, a charging indicator. The case of the nominee is made of plastic.

Which Gamepad or Joystick for Phones Is Better to Buy?

Buying a wireless device will allow you to immerse yourself in the game anywhere. When choosing a wireless device, experts advise checking the convenience of the device. The absence of rubberized inserts will lead to the slipping of fingers in a long and intense game. The inconvenient location of the buttons threatens with frequent defeats. It is also worth remembering that not every manipulator is compatible with your mobile gadget, so check this moment in advance.

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