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The Best Holiday Cocktails for an Unforgettable Party

top holiday drinks

Once you have chosen a menu for the table and taken care of all aspects of the party, you need to find the top holiday cocktails. The choice of Christmas drinks is not limited to the traditional framework of “champagne – vodka. Even adherents of a healthy lifestyle will find something more interesting than a purchased soda or juicy drinks.

We offer you worthy options for alcoholic and non-alcoholic holiday mixed drinks for the New Year party. A little creativity and this particular party will be the most memorable.

Strong Great Holiday Drinks for the New Year

easy holiday mixed drinks

Vodka is sure to be at the top of the list of candidates for the honorary title of “the main New Year’s drink. Sufficiently budgetary and effective if the goal is to quickly “cheer up” a large company. Each shot is accompanied by a hearty toast to “happiness and health in the New Year. And the rule is “bottoms up.

But vodka is boring. Maybe it would be better to plan a more original alcoholic menu? There are a lot of strong great holiday cocktails, and we will help you to choose.


The strength of brandy is 30-45% vol. The effect is almost the same as vodka, but the bouquet is much nobler. However, the price is higher. There are many brands of brandy. The most popular is the grape. It is multifaceted and velvety. In general, all so-called “cognacs” which are not made in France can be classified as grape brandy. But a real gourmand will certainly appreciate the other fruity kinds of alcohol. They are soft and very fragrant. Such drinks are made from pears, plums, apples, cherries, peaches, and apricots. Decent fruit brandies are produced in Eastern Europe, Greece, France, Spain, and Italy.

Brandies are usually served at 18-22 ° C in brandy glasses. But you can also use classic shot glasses. Don’t drink a good brandy in a gulp – enjoy it. You can also make holiday party cocktails with coffee, liqueurs, syrups, milk, ice cream, cream, lemon, and orange juice.


The strength of juniper vodka is 35-45% vol. It is also transparent, but you can’t confuse it with classic vodka because it gives off a powerful aroma at once. Coniferous, spicy, tart.

In general, gin can be drunk in its pure form from a shot – in a gulp, with a hearty snack as in the case of vodka. But traditionally, the drink is still diluted with ice. Better yet, stock up a couple of bottles of chilled tonic to make simple holiday cocktails. The best flavor combination and the intoxication will not come as quickly as in the case of “pure” alcohol. The proportions of mixing are up to you.


Many drinks in this category are even stronger than vodka – the alcohol content can be up to 60%. And if you don’t like the tart taste of “pure” rum, you can decorate the New Year table with a strong rum drink with the addition of fruit extracts (coconut, for example) – such can also be found on the market. Their strength is 30-35% vol.

Traditionally, clear rum is an unaged drink and is used to make good holiday cocktails. The dark beverages take a while to mature in oak and develop a multicolored bouquet. However, the price of transparent rum is lower, so it is often drunk “instead of vodka.

New Year’s Eve is the best time to try the famous Rum and Cola holiday cocktail. Sweet soda smoothes out the tart taste of alcohol and removes the extra alcohol. Not a bad option for a noisy party.

Whiskeys and bourbons

If you’re planning a quiet holiday without too much fuss and noise, you can decorate the New Year’s table with a bottle of good whiskey or bourbon.

True gourmets prefer an aged Scotch whiskey, single malt or blended. Expensive drinks, but if the budget is not limited, why not please the invited guests? Scottish whisky brands are countless: Aberlour, Bowmore Johnnie Walker, Glenfiddich, Ballantine’s, Chivas Regal, Dewar’s, The Macallan, Glenmorangie. This is just a small fraction of the famous whiskey brands.

And some are crazy about American bourbons. What brands to look out for? Wild Turkey, Blanton’s, Four Roses, Kentucky Tavern, Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s. You can use them together with Water, cola, juices, vermouth, coffee and tea, milk to make easy holiday mixed drinks.

Medium-Alcoholic and Low-Alcoholic Holiday Signature Drinks for the New Year

simple holiday alcoholic drinks


A favorite drink on New Year’s Eve is champagne. Probably not a single holiday feast can do without champagne. It is up to you to decide whether or not to break the rules established throughout the years. But you certainly won’t be short on champagne at your party – if only to raise beautiful glasses to the chimes. And don’t forget to prepare an ice bucket to cool your drink. Such a serving would look very dignified.

Quiet Wines

A versatile option for those who do not tolerate high-degree alcohol. The range of red, white, and rosé wines is huge – the choice is yours. If you do not have a strict preference for one category of wine, feel free to choose other varieties. When better to broaden your “wine horizons” than on New Year’s Eve? You can use the standard rule: red with meat, white with fish. However, according to experts, even these recommendations can be safely violated. But make sure that the table has the right glasses. They should be tulip-shaped, wider at the bottom, and narrower around the rim for red wine. Slightly elongated, without a strong narrowing to the edge for white wine.

If traditional wines from France and Italy seem expensive, it is worth looking at brands from the New World. Chile, Argentina, Australia, and South Africa are just as good – Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir. In general, these are all the varieties that are adored by gourmets around the world.


Usually, the strength of vermouths does not exceed 20% vol. The drink is based on white, rose, or red wine, with various herbal ingredients as flavors. Soft, sweet, slightly tart on the finish.

Choose “your” vermouth – classic clear, pink, or red. Any of them can be combined with soda, tonic, or ice when serving, so the “medicinal” flavor disappears that many people do not like in drinks of this category. And of course, you can make a lot of good holiday drinks to please the guests at the New Year’s party based on vermouth.

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