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The Best PC Gaming Chairs

best ergonomic gaming chair

ThunderX3 RC3

The chair is designed for professional gamers and eSports.

It is equipped with a “Top-Gan” mechanism, which allows:

  • to adjust the height of the chair with the help of a gas lift (the lever is conveniently located and smoothly adjustable);
  • use the rocking mechanism or fix the chair in the desired position (up to full 180° folding out);
  • adjust the swing stiffness (then you can swing comfortably in the chair regardless of your weight).

The design and shape are based on the design of racing chairs, so the emphasis is on comfortable seating and stylish appearance.

The shape is anatomic, with side support and two legs: smaller for the head and a large lumbar cushion. The armrests are also adjustable and in two planes: height and angle relative to the seat.

The upholstery made of practical and durable eco-leather is pleasant to the touch, not cold. It is color-resistant and does not rub off for a long time because it is designed for continuous intensive use. All these characteristics make RC3 one of the most comfortable gaming chairs.

The chair is decorated with spectacular LED backlighting; thanks to a special module, you can adjust the light modes and choose from seven colors.

ThunderX3 TGC15

best rated gaming chairs

One of the best gaming chairs for professional gamers on a metal crosshead with nylon wheels. This support makes it very stable and easy to move around on any surface. And the strong metal allows you to withstand a load of up to 150 kilos.

The seat and backrest are made in an anatomical form, which keeps the body in the right position and gives comfort even for long sitting.

The “Top-Gan” mechanism allows you to adjust the height of the chair, turn on the rocking mode and adjust its rigidity.

The seat is also adjustable in height, as well as armrests (they can still adjust the angle of rotation).

Chair materials: eco-leather, metal, polyurethane.


good gaming chairs

The manufacturer of this brand specializes in gaming furniture. Therefore, all models are made for a long stay at the computer, and the design is stylized for racing seats.

Most models have a steel frame, ready for heavy loads. The filling made of special dense foam is also taken from the automobile industry: it makes the seat and back soft and elastic and prevents deformation.

The backrest has built-in support for the back and lumbar area.

Adjustment mechanisms allow you to adjust the angle of inclination of the backrest from 90 ° to 135 °, select the appropriate height and depth of the seat, adjust the swing mechanism.

The wheels are rubberized, so they will not scratch the floor.


best pc gaming chair

The manufacturer, which has a white gamer’s chair in its arsenal.

Models AKRacing differ in a stylish design, which comes with many features

The capabilities of the top-rated gaming chair:

  • height adjustment;
  • swing mechanism (12 levels plus vertical fixation);
  • backrest tilt adjustment (the chair can be rotated up to 180°);
  • armrest height adjustment;
  • maximum weight – 150 kilos.

Metal frame and rubberized wheels make the chair reliable, and for the upholstery used durable quality eco-leather. The polyurethane foam filling, wide side edges, and special cushions to support the neck and lumbar area make the chair suitable for a long stay.


most comfortable gaming chair

The feature of this top gaming chair is that it is not part of a series or ruler. It was designed as a “solo” and is the only representative of its kind.

The good gaming chair is suitable both for beginners in eSports and for professional players. Comfort and functionality are well balanced: the saddle seat is designed so that the legs do not leak, the armrests are adjustable in three planes, so it is very comfortable: with a special key, which you just clamp, and then release in the right position. There are side and lumbar support.

You can choose from three degrees of rigidity; in principle, the whole armchair is made with an individual design and personalized to the owner (up to the color of threads).

The adjustment mechanism differs from the standard one: it allows you to expand the chair up to 190° plus additionally tilt the whole structure. There is also an asynchronous swing mechanism (the back and seat move independently of each other, adjusting to the position of your body to the maximum). Even when you bend forward.

The seat is made with active ventilation: built-in ducts and cooler will ensure the right temperature. The leather used for the upholstery is natural, which also adds points to the breathability. The back of the chair is protected with a special shell, which is relevant in the presence of, for example, pets or rough walls.

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