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The Deodorant, for Customers with Disabilities, Was Presented by the Degree Brand


An antiperspirant brand called Degree has introduced the first deodorant in the world, made specifically for people with disabilities.

Due to the fact that most deodorants have complex caps and functions to use, the company wanted to create a product specifically aimed at the needs of customers with disabilities. Therefore, the Degree Inclusive packaging design has features that are simple to use, even with the help of one hand.

The improved handle position and the special magnetic cover make the product easier to use for people with reduced mobility or vision. The instructions on the packaging are also written in Braille for those who are visually damaged.

Working with a team of engineers and designers from the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Degree asked 200 people who have different disabilities to use their product before the launch. Everything to guarantee benefits for its target audience.
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