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The Exhibition of Rare Books and Manuscripts From the Personal Collection of Kim Jones

Collection of Kim Jones

The big Kim Jone exhibition will take place in London on Thursday. A lot of rare books and manuscripts will be shown for the audition. The most impressive fact is that the whole collection is Kim`s own and inspired by the Beat Generation writers. Everyone who wants to touch the works of art can attend the Olympia Exhibition Center.

After the designer’s arrival at his new home in West London in 2019, he activated and started to collect many more books. The creator is very proud of his assemblage of the first Jack Kerouac`s publications. They take a special place in his heart.

exhibition is made in honor of Kerouac

The exhibition is made in honor of Kerouac and his assistants. There are 66 books, more than 15 letters, and manuscripts, 6 vinyl records, a poster, some paintings, and even Ginsberg, a credit card. Also, people will see hand-corrected draft lyrics to Lou Reed`s songs.

Jone explains the great love of literature happened due to his mother`s education. From early childhood, he was always surrounded by books. Kim`s mother even opened a few libraries in African universities.

“It is awesome when you can present to the world things that make your heart beat faster,” Jone says. “I`m very happy that modern society has come back to reading. It becomes terrible when young people waste their time staring at phones. It is unhealthy even for health!” the author adds.

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