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The Famous Designer Giuseppe Zanotti Has Developed a New Pair of Sneakers With Snakes

Giuseppe Zanotti

For many years Giuseppe Zanotti has been one of the leaders of shoe fashion in the world. The architectural shapes of the heels made him famous and the luxurious fashionable sneaks brought him acclaim. And now he returns with his new pair of sneakers to his line-up, the COBRAS. The red shoes with the silhouette of the snake. It seems that the designer is reptile addicted.

The rapper is famed for his unusual eccentric inventions. He also has already designed big hats and special slippers. Some popular people compare him with the chameleon due to his fantastic taste in unexpected things. One different reason for the whole heels collection is the availability of straps that cover the foot and ankle.

The inventor spent much time learning the snakes and thinking about how to involve them in a world fashion. We are convinced that there is something deeper. This is the real love of the author to the fantastic animals. Otherwise, why does he add them to the big part of projects?

Sneakers With Snakes

The principal task for the author was to create such beautiful shoes that will allow all women to feel themselves on the highest level and, the main thing, comfortable!

Before creating his brand, the developer worked in different Fashion Houses. But the willingness to open something big and iconic always led him.

The man chose to inspire people. And his inspiration he takes often traveling by Italy on the train. What do you think about the new line-up? Will you purchase something from the fresh collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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