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The Flying Car Has Completed Its First Flight | AirCar Works on BMW Engine

klein vision car

Earlier this week, the flying car completed a flight between cities in Eastern Europe. The flight lasted 35 minutes.

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The car was designed and built by the Slovak technology company, called Klein Vision. This two-mode airplane which wings fold away in 3 minutes works on regular fuel. As it has a 160 hp BMW engine, it is accessible to any pilot.

After approximately 40 hours of test flights, AirCar has completed its first journey from Nitra to Bratislava cities. Although this is only an experimental model, the creators said that the model can travel at around 186 mph and can fly up to 600 miles in a single ride.

With AirCar, you will arrive at your destination, not visiting the airport. You can also place your car even on the golf field or hotel in your regular parking place.

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