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The Healthiest Alcohol Chart

what is the healthiest alcohol

Some scientists claim that the list of healthy alcoholic drinks is not limited to red wine

Some studies show that people who do not drink alcohol live less than those who drink occasionally. At first glance, this does not seem logical. Why would taking substances that have toxic properties and can cause cancer, dementia, and diseases of the liver and other internal organs suddenly have a positive effect on health?

And yet, the evidence for the benefits of healthy alcohol looks pretty overwhelming. For example, this British study, which followed nearly 2,000 patients 55 years and older for two decades, showed that quitting alcohol altogether led to an increased risk of premature death.

During the study, 69% of completely abstinent patients died, and only 41% of patients who made healthy alcohol choices.

Amazingly, people who seriously abuse alcohol also showed a lower mortality rate during the study (61 percent) than those who were completely abstinent.

Simply put, the sensational study showed that drinking heavily is still healthier than not drinking at all.

1-2 drinks a day for women – and 2-4 drinks a day for men are associated with a reduction in premature mortality, the study authors state.

Scientists say that there are a lot of healthier alcoholic drink options like reduced stress levels, normalized blood pressure, and improved immune system.

Also, another study by German scientists shows moderate and regular doses of alcohol reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attacks.

The main thing is to distribute alcohol evenly. One or two servings a day, rather than one serious meal once a week.

But this is not the biggest revelation among recent research findings. Researchers have found a link between moderate alcohol consumption and longevity in light of such a factor as loneliness.

Man is a social creature. Feeling lonely leads to depression, which is fraught with many health problems and is a factor that shortens life expectancy. People who eliminate alcohol from their lives, especially at an older age, are more likely to experience loneliness, researchers say.

And people who drink in moderation are more likely to have more social connections. And it is not at all about the “drinking together” effect, the researchers state.

Human relationships are characterized by the complex chemistry of dopamine, oxytocin, and other hormones. Some people are prone to a certain closeness due to their character traits.

A glass or two of wine is always a bonding experience, and in the long run, it always has a positive impact on health.

However, the researchers note that the fundamental importance is not just the amount of alcohol consumed, but also its type.

Scientists testify that there is much healthiest alcohol to drink, and some are simply elixirs of longevity in limited quantities.

It is no secret that red dry wine has truly rejuvenating properties. However, the list of alcoholic beverages that promote longevity is much longer. Again, we are talking about moderate consumption.

Which drink is good for your health?

healthy liquor drinks

Red wine

The most predictable member of best liquor for health. Some researchers find other explanations for red wine benefits that do not negate the familiar resveratrol thesis.

In particular, Danish researchers recently found that red wine drinkers buy olives, vegetables, and fruit in supermarkets more often than beer drinkers. The latter is more likely to load their baskets with chips, salty, spicy foods, sweets, and convenience foods.

So, it may well be that the benefits of wine are more often related to overall lifestyle and food choices, the researchers note.

Dark beer

healthiest liquor

First of all, we are talking about Irish Guinness beer (we do not know how healthy the other dark beers are). This iconic beer has long been sold with the slogan “Guinness is good for you.

And some large-scale studies confirm that such sweeping assertions are by no means groundless. For example, this study conducted by scientists from the University of Wisconsin showed that regular consumption of Guinness (in moderate doses) reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in general, and blood clots in particular.

Bloody Mary

healthy alcohol

It would seem that this classic cocktail should hardly be on the list of life-extending drinks. But according to American nutritionist Martin Robinson, this particular cocktail is very healthy.

Of course, if it is prepared according to the classic recipe and consumed in limited quantities. Tomato juice contains many active ingredients, the benefits of which are beyond any doubt, such as lycopene (good for the prostate), catechins (protect skin cells), zeaxanthin (protect the eyes), vitamin A and many antioxidants that slow down aging and activate the immune system.

Well, the main ingredient of the Bloody Mary, vodka, while not an elixir of health, at least does not carry with it extra calories.


healthiest alcohol chart

This drink is the easiest to drink when you are in Spain. But no one stops you from making it at home anywhere else in the world. It is low in calories and high in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Apples in the composition of sangria also bring with them useful beta-carotene, and raspberries – rare and very powerful antioxidants. Strawberries, on the other hand, bring soda and healthy fiber. Some researchers say that sangria is red wine squared.

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