Kevin Lynch and Masterpiece Digital Auction House Show the Kobe Bryant Experience

Kobe Bryant Experience

The photographer Kevin Lynch presents The Kobe Bryant Experience NFT series in collaboration with Masterpiece Digital auction house due to the famous image Black Mamba.

The whole collection features 4 NFT packages. And the famous image became the first on sale. The buyer will get the historic photograph`s interactive 3D card, high-resolution behind-the-scenes photos, and finally the interview with Lynch about his cooperation with the late basketball player. Lynch has announced that blockchain confidently conquers the world. Art becomes more valuable. The opportunity to change the pieces of art via cryptocurrency allows earning more for artists and collectors.

We especially can note that cryptocurrency really slowly takes over the world. And if you have the opportunity and, of course, wish, think about investing in bitcoin.

So, what do you think about the cooperation? How do you treat blockchain? Leave your comments below the article!

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