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The Male Beauty Industry in Japan Is Expanding during the Pandemic Period


Takumi Tezuka, who is the owner of a beauty and hair salon for men in Tokyo, has noticed that his customer base has grown during the pandemic period.

Now, in Japan, businessmen 40, 50, and 60 years old who were not interested in cosmetics before began to visit Tezuka’s beauty salon, Ikemen-Works, to look their best during online meetings.

Previously, the majority of clients were men in their 20s, but now more businessmen began to visit salons. According to Tezuka, unlike young men, who often come to dramatically change their appearance, older businessmen want to look a little better with makeup. Businessmen who work from home and constantly see their faces during online meetings have begun to care more about their appearance.

Meanwhile, the male beauty industry in Japan is expanding. According to the data, from 2018 to 2019, the men’s cosmetics market grew from about 5.5 billion dollars to about 5.7 billion dollars.

For example, the company giant for personal care Shiseido says the growth of men’s cosmetics has significantly increased during the pandemic. After Shiseido released makeup filters for women for online meetings last year, comments from businessmen began to appear on social media asking for such filters for men. Therefore, free online makeup filters were released last month. The filters allow male users to look like they are wearing male beauty products such as balms and foundation.

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