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The Money Philosophy

how to be good with money

Did you know, when you spend money, your budget may double on your account? It means that money loves movement and for sure they don’t like greediness. Money should bring joy and they want to be spent!

Money Loves…

Yes, money loves successful and strong people. Those whose words have the force and order, a particularly high energy background, that is, a sufficiently high level of vibrations. Such a person is full of confidence, self-sufficiency, and vitality.

what to do with money

A successful person understands that any desire is not accidental, as well as meetings with certain people. There is a thin line between conspicuous spending and greediness. One should always find a balance!

Life has its own rules: after all, the strongest wins since ancient times. But you should be eager to win. You will always get what you want and even more knowing a few secrets about money philosophy!

Let me tell you the number Zero rule before starting with the first one because some even don’t count that as a rule; but still, it’s always on top of every rule! This rule is about sharing your knowledge. You should always share your success with others and guide them on how to succeed in this world in the right way!

Secrets of Money Philosophy – Steps to Success

money philosophy

1. Budget Planning

Spend money more rationally if you plan your family budget. This can be done using smartphone apps, Excel, or with a pen and paper. All income and expenses you should note. You can even create a budget in excel.

If you have a full picture of the budget in front of your eyes, you can see unnecessary financial leaks and stop them. Experienced planners recommend sticking to expenses in this approximate percentage:

  • 50% – groceries/food, necessary payment;
  • 15% – courses, mastering new directions, foreign languages, advanced training, sports sections;
  • 15% – unplanned expenses;
  • 20% – savings or pay for the loan.

2. Saving Money

If you save 15-20 percent of your monthly income, you will get a good amount in addition to your retirement by old age. There is another option – being young to take care of passive income in old age. It’s good to have money management skills in this case.

For example, you can buy some property for rent, make a profitable investment. And savings may be required for unplanned expenses – car breakdown, health problems. Whatever happens, such funds will become a good lifesaver. It’s a budgets control.

budget management

3. Don’t Play with Credits and Loans

There are times when a credit card can help and you can’t do without it. You cannot also live without loans, for example, at the stage of business development and expansion. But constantly living on credit is not profitable. Try not to take a lot of credits, but if you did eventually, try as soon as possible to pay it off. It’s the best credit tip of the day.

4. A Person Pays for Purchases Twice

People pay for purchases twice – with money and giving up something else, for example, from another item or from potential savings that could complement a personal fund. Before buying, especially a large one, it is very important to account for the pros and cons to understand how much it is needed.

5. Do Not Get into Much with Coffee Out, Lunch and Snacks in Cafes and Restaurants

Have you analyzed how much money is spent on average on coffee, lunches, and snacks in establishments near the business location? It can be a very big amount per month, which could be a savings or future investment. You can make coffee at work, and take lunch with you from home.

financial resource management

6. Establish Your Goals

You need to have goals to be motivated in work and manage money rationally. Agree, it’s hard to get to the right destination without knowing the route. Make up the desired goals and systematically move towards them.

7. Regular Purchases of Branded Items Are Not a Profitable Investment

Branded items are not a profitable investment. Over time, they will wear out and be thrown away. You can sell them as used, but much cheaper than the prices were in the store.

To get rich, you need to work hard, build wealth strategies, plan your budget, and avoid unnecessary purchases. Also, you need to take care of a stable income in advance for old age.

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