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The Most Beautiful Women in the World

In today’s beauty industry, every owner of an attractive face and flawless body dreams of getting the title of “The most beautiful girl in the world and is ready to compete with others like her. A particular program which is based on the formula of the golden section was created. We will evaluate the external data of each woman with this formula. This computer program analyzes the proportions of faces of celebrities, measuring in percentage terms the location of the chin, jaw, lips, nose, and forehead. We will discuss in our article the most beautiful woman, where she lives, and what she does.

Amber Heard

best looking woman on earth

American actress Amber Herd opens the rating “The most beautiful girls in the world. You can admire the photo of the girl from Instagram. She sexually poses in a white swimsuit, then gracefully gets out of the water on the yacht, or enjoys the rest, mysteriously looking at something interesting in the distance.

Photos of the star collect hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram, and about 4 million subscribers watch Amber’s life. And not surprisingly, the actress is famous not only for successful roles in Hollywood movies but also for loud scandals with her former favorites. Many know about a loud divorce with the actor Johnny Depp, whom Herd accused of brutal violence against herself.

After a failed marriage with a partner much older than herself, Amber plunged into a new relationship with the famous American entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk. However, this union did not last long. Today, the heart of the most attractive women in the world is free again. Even after unpleasant events in her personal life, Amber remains as attractive, sexy, and in good physical shape.

Ariana Grande

most pretty women

The selection also includes the world-famous singer Ariana Grande. This graceful, elegant girl often performs on stage with a bezel in the form of cat’s ears, and not surprisingly. Ariana has the perfect appearance, a slender, trim figure, a beautiful face, a chic patch of hair, which she always tied in a branded ponytail.

However, one of the best looking women was not always such a stylish and sexy girl. Until 2012, during the start of her star career, Ariana could not boast of ideal parameters and the face of the celebrity, according to many fashion critics, has been changed not without the participation of plastic surgeons.

The period of active transformation falls just for 2012. At this time, the singer thoroughly took up her figure, turning for help to a famous nutritionist and fitness coach Isaac. In a short period, she dropped all the extra kilos, becoming the owner of a slender, miniature figure. Judging by the pictures from various events, the girl resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon who corrected the shape of her nose, lips, and eyelids.

Today, you can compare the photo of the most gorgeous women before and after on different sites. Many teenage girls dream to be like her because she has vocal and artistic talents and also the bright external data.

Scarlett Johansson

world most attractive women

Sexy American actress Scarlett Johansson more than once led the lists of the world’s most attractive women. The parameters of the figure and facial features of Scarlett is almost perfect, and millions of modern young girls and women dream to be like her.

The art and love for creativity were in honor of their family, so the girl began to be introduced to the world of beauty from the early years. When Scarlett was eight years old, her mother took her to the school at the famous Lee Strasberg Theater University. Teachers appreciated the girl’s abilities and enrolled her in the group for gifted children without any questions. Six months later, the girl was transferred to the group for adults. This is how Johansson’s successful creative biography began and is still successfully developed today.

Scarlett Johansson has a large army of admirers. The figure of the actress is ideal – height 164 cm, weight 52 kg. Lovely features, charming smile, blond hair, and congenital talent did their job. When you see another world’s prettiest women rating, you never miss Scarlett, and almost always you see her in the first place.

Cara Delevingne

prettiest women on earth

Young, beautiful, graceful, successful top model Kara Delevingne is a star of social parties, fashion shows. The acting career of the girl who managed to star in several films was also successful. Beautiful girls of Instagram, one of which is also Kara, can boast an army of subscribers and fans. Delevingne is also no exception. Her life online is watched by more than 40 million people, but this figure will not stop.

Cara was seventeen when she took part in the Clements Ribeiro show. After that, the young model was noticed and invited to present the Burberry Pre-Fall Collection. These events were the main impetus for the rapid and dizzying development of the modeling career. Everyone, from famous photographers to noble couturiers began to be interested in beautiful Cara.

The girl worked with various world companies, later successfully proved herself in the acting profession. However, in 2013, the girl was caught in a scandal related to drugs. The press started accusing her of using illegal substances, which led some fashion houses to refuse to continue cooperation.

Cara has survived this difficult period with dignity, continuing to work in her favorite profession and work on herself. Her appearance is atypical for photo models, and therefore memorable. Thanks to her bright appearance, Delevingne has repeatedly led the lists of the most beautiful and successful celebrities in the world. Despite the great popularity among the strong sex, the girl is bisexual. She has ascribed romances with many stars as the angel of Victoria Secret Stella Maxwell, model Kendall Jenner, etc. Kara Delevingne still leads an active social life, looks great, and will surely please us with her talents.

Taylor Swift

best looking women

Everyone spoke about Taylor Swift at the dawn of her career, about her creative talents, beautiful voice, and also a slender, trim figure.

As a child, Taylor could not boast of a fragile figure, but becoming famous, she revised her eating habits and began to stick to a strict diet, as well as the plan of training, visiting the gym 5 – 6 times a week.

Attractive looks, beautiful face, well-groomed shiny hair – Taylor Swift’s business card. She spun novels with many famous guys, but for unknown reasons, no union ended with a wedding. In 2018, the girl suddenly disappeared from the radar, and when she appeared, the audience was surprised. During his absence, Swift has put on a decent weight, and now fans barely recognize her as that fragile, delicate girl who sings ballads about unhappy love.

It turned out that for many years the girl suffered from eating disorders, but nobody even guessed about it, believing that an attractive appearance is a genetics, proper, healthy nutrition, and moderate physical activity. Today, the weight of a celebrity is back to normal. She no longer looks exhausted, but she also managed to lose her previous volumes, thanks to the normalization of diet and training. Sometimes the price to call the most pretty woman is too high. As Taylor says, “It’s better to look fat than to be sick.

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